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Inspire Cat People

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Inspire other cat people and give back to cats. Help cat lovers around the world with tips and tricks. Or just share your view on furr balls and life. Dare to be philosophical, funny and edgy. Write a blog, upload your art, show videos or pictures. Bring emotion or rationality to the table. Anything is pawsible as long as it contributes to putting cats central and to being thankful for their unique companionship.


We are the Internet of Cats!

Join the #1 Community of Cat People!

How to Participate?

Sign up for free and become a member of CatSwoppr. Ask permission to post and wait approval. We respond as soon as pawsible within 24hours. In the meantime you can edit your profile and check the other stories. When approved you may enter your story in the blogpost section.


Sharing is Caring!

Get famous and beloved in our CatSwoppr community. Share the link to your story on your socials. Top stories that have many views and likes, we can repost on our CatSwoppr Insta. Earn your Clawdits and grow as contributor from Kitten, Junior Cat, Prime Cat, Senior Cat to Super Senior Cat. The more Clawdits, the more advantages for you on CatSwoppr.

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