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Şila’s Battle with FIP

We have gotten to know several cats with FIP (Feline Coronavirus) located in Turkey, as the earthquake earlier this year has made helping out FIP-positive cats more difficult. You can read more about the situation here.

Meet Şila and Mahriban

The CatSwoppr team recently reached out to Şila and her

pawrent Mihriban, who live in Istanbul, Turkey. Mihriban found Şila at a bus stop, where Şila climbed onto her lap. Mihriban brought her home with her, commenting that “she became [her] angel” that came to her at just the right time.

Mihriban describes Şila as “very well behaved [and] funny”, with

beautiful black and gray stripes and bright green eyes. She loves to

sleep on Mihriban’s chest, and enjoys eating chicken breast.

How can you help?

Unfortunately, two months after living together, Şila was diagnosed with FIP. FIP treatment is very expensive as the medication must be imported from abroad, and Mihriban has struggled to cover the cost of Şila’s treatment. Thankfully, Şila has begun her treatment and

Mihriban opened an Instagram page to gain support worldwide for Şila during this time.

To help cover Şila’s treatment costs you can donate to PayPal (please mention Şila and Mihriban’s names). For more information, follow Şila and Mihriban’s story on Instagram at @fip_sila_.

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