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A Londoner Helping Stray Cats in Turkey

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Sule is a Londoner who currently resides in Istanbul, Turkey. Yet, Sule is not like any other expat. She has helped countless cats in Turkey over the past one and a half year. Sule narrates the stories of these rescued cats through her Instagram page helpastraycat

Sule is an individual animal rescuer who strives to provide stray cats with the life they deserve. Sule helps cats by organising food drives for stray cats or by spaying and neutering them. In addition, Sule ensures that injured and ill cats receive medical treatment.

The cats rescued by Sule are up for adoption both locally and internationally. Potential fosterers and adopters are mandated to fill out a form consisting of basic details such as their name, occupation and household income.

If you wish to adopt/foster any of Sule’s rescued cats, please click on the following links: Cat adoption application / Cat foster application

Jack’s story

Sule has positively impacted the lives of numerous stray cats. She narrates the journey of Jack, a stray cat she was looking after. Sule started helpastraycat after Jack was diagnosed with FIP (Feline infectious peritonitis).

On 18th March 2022, Sule found Jack hiding in one of her cat houses. In the past, she attempted to trap Jack after she had noticed him limping. However, she could not get hold of him. When Sule found Jack in one of her cat houses, he was in a terrible state. He looked as though he had been run over by a car. She rushed him to the vet where they discovered that Jack has sustained a fracture in one of his legs.

Much to Sule’s dismay, Jack was also diagnosed with upper and lower respiratory infections as well as wet FIP. This form of FIP causes fluid to build up in the abdomen. As a result, the abdomen of the affected cat has a pot-bellied appearance. Sule was clueless and knew nothing about the disease. At this point, she decided to create an Instagram page. It was through her page that Sule had the opportunity to interact with an inspiring community of FIP warriors.

She received both emotional and financial support as she navigated Jack’s diagnosis. Sule was able to raise £1590 towards Jack's surgery and FIP medication. With the help of helpastraycat, Jack found his furrever home in Pittsburgh, USA.

Jack flew all the way to the USA from Turkey. His flight and transportation expenses were also covered through the money raised. Jack now lives a wonderful life with his pawrent in Pittsburgh. His pawrent runs an Instagram page called purrsonifiedfip where they sell handcrafted cat toys.

Jack from Istanbul in Pittsburgh

Changing lives

Since the beginning of helpastraycat, Sule has managed to change the lives of countless other animals in need.

In the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated Turkey in February 2023, Sule successfully raised £14,100 for afflicted animals. She worked tirelessly to find loving furrever homes for her rescued cats. She has rehomed at least 16 cats in a year. She has sent 5 cats to the UK, 8 cats to the US and 1 cat to Germany.

It is worth mentioning that 3 of the cats Sule rehomed in the US were visually impaired. She has also helped at least 2 cats find their homes in Turkey. Sule has spayed and neutered close to 80 stray cats. She also regularly feeds about 50 stray cats locally. Apart from Jack, Sule has helped 2 more cats emerge victorious in their fight against FIP.

She currently accepts donations via PayPal and JustGiving. To see how to help, please check helpastraycat

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