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A Story of Love and Loyalty: Baldomero and Marifé's Legacy

Memories of Two Missing Cats

Many years ago, in Lugo (Spain), during Ruth's childhood, two little cats came into her life. They were sisters and shared unforgettable moments with her for two and a half years. However, life sometimes presents us with unexpected challenges, and the two kittens disappeared leaving a void in Ruth's heart.

Sadness engulfed her, and although her love for cats remained deep, her parents were unwilling to welcome another feline into their home. The days turned grey, and the absence of her four-legged companions weighed heavy on her heart.

An Unforgettable Birthday Gift

On her birthday in 2012 her two older brothers had in store a special surprise for her: they gave her three sibling kittens who were only two months old.

The surprise left her speechless, and tears rolled down her cheeks. Although happiness filled her heart, there was also drama. Her parents, who had decided not to have any more pets, were worried. Nevertheless, seeing the joy and love in Ruth's eyes, they could not resist. Baldomero, Marifé and the third, whom they affectionately called "Number Two," were officially part of the family.

From that day on, Ruth became Baldomero and Marifé's mother. Her unconditional love and care made them grow up healthy and happy. The three kittens shared laughter, caresses and special moments, creating an indestructible bond that no one could break.

An Unexpected Challenge

However, life is not always a fairy tale, and one day, "Number Two" also disappeared. Despite the sadness that flooded their hearts, Ruth moved on with Baldomero and Marifé, who had accompanied her for so many years and are now almost 12 years old.

Baldomero and Marifé became the best cats in the world for Ruth. With their loyalty and companionship, they filled her life with love and joy. As the years passed, the three of them shared their time in a country house, where the cats were free to explore the garden and run around outdoors.

From the Cottage to a New Beginning

This year, Ruth's parents made a difficult decision and sold the cottage. Ruth faced a heartbreaking dilemma: take Baldomero and Marifé to their new flat in the city or leave them in the house with the new owners, hoping they could enjoy their freedom in their forever home.

Despite the sadness and uncertainty of not knowing if she would ever see her beloved cats again, Ruth made a heartbreaking decision for the sake of Baldomero and Marifé's happiness. She agreed with the new owners that they would feed and care for them, and Ruth wished them well, hoping that her beloved cats would continue to explore and run around as they always did.

A Legacy of Love and Loyalty

The story of Ruth, Baldomero and Marifé is a testament to the unwavering love that exists between humans and their pets. As the years pass, their bond continues to grow, and together they face each day with courage and gratitude.

Baldomero and Marifé are much more than pets; they are part of the family and a reminder that love and loyalty transcend time and adversity. Their story continues, and though their paths may part momentarily, the bond between Ruth and her cats will never be broken.

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