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Donate to Sandra and her Cats!

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

CatSwoppr recently got to talk to cat caretaker Sandra from Medan, Sumatra, living in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia. She is a volunteer who has been caring for stray cats at Marble Cat House since 2012.

Every day, Sandra gets up and feeds the stray cats in front of her house. She runs a market shack that sells fresh produce from the market. Unfortunately, keeping the cats well-fed is costly and Sandra is struggling to support the cats. Every day she finds new kittens near her area, and she always takes them in. She is taking donations to provide the cats with food, litter-sand, and grooming essentials.

While Sandra has spoken to cat communities in her area, they do not have the space or resources to take in more cats. As the income she receives from selling produce goes directly into caring for her cats, Sandra struggles to care for herself. She hopes that her efforts can gain more traction and can receive donations to better the lives of herself and the cats.

If you would like to donate to Sandra’s efforts at Marble Cat House, you can find her PayPal here. She also runs an Instagram account @mstblrvsyhouse_87.

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