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Meet Charlie Chap the WonderCat

Who Am I

Purr Purr, hello cat lovers around the world! My name is Charlie Chap the WonderCat. I live in Plymouth, Minnesota, USA. I let Mommy, Jennifer Winer, live in my house with me. I am almost 11 years old. My birthday is in December 😺❤️

I think of myself as the sweetest and most mysterious cat ever! love to play and love everyone. My mission is to spread love, joy, peace, and happiness to everyone. I think I could say that my mission is aligned with my friends at Global Cat PR Agency CatSwoppr.

In this blog, I will tell you a bit about myself as a rescue cat with my own website.

Love at First Sight

I was a stray cat in Mankato, Minnesota. Though on the streets, I didn’t like hanging out with other cats. A rescuer in Mankato brought me down to a rescue shelter near where Mommy lived. Back then, she went to college in Mankato. According to her, it was love at first sight, and I would say so too.

She thought I was so dapper-looking given my fur which resembles a tuxedo. To enhance the look, I also have a little white moustache. When we first met, I sat on her lap and I refused to move till she took me home. I was confident that I could be such sweet and funny company for her!

My Cat Character

I would describe myself as a very sociable cat. l love my mommy, hence, I hide in my favourite sleeping spots only when the humans visiting are making too much noise.

I do, however, make sure everyone knows Mommy is mine. I often sit between her and visitors.

Other things I enjoy in life are catnip, my screened porch, zoomies, headbutts, making people smile and drooling on my Mommy.

Spreading Love, Joy, Peace and Happiness Around the World

My aim in life is to spread love, joy, peace and happiness around the world. If I make one person smile, I feel I have done my job. My opinion is that we need more of this positive energy in the world. I love all of my fans and friends!

What Other People Say About Me

For sure, I am not bragging when I say I am trying to be there for cat lovers. Here you can read in two testimonials on my website what some of my friends and followers say about me:

We've had a stressful six months in our family during the COVID-19 pandemic, dealing with job loss, distance learning and all the challenges as a family. Our son has been dealing with a lot of increased anxiety this summer. We were determined to make his 9th birthday memorable and create special memories during this time. He's recently discovered a love of cats, so getting the video from Charlie put a needed smile on his face on his birthday, and not just a smile, but an all-out belly laugh. He watched the video again and again and definitely received the love and joy and levity Charlie brings to the world. Thank you, Charlie Chap the WonderCat!” – Lindsey

I first saw Charlie Chap The WonderCat on Facebook. It took me about a week before I decided to turn the sound on, assuming it was just dubbed earworm music. When I heard Charlie's squeaky voice, I couldn’t believe it! From then on, Charlie was seriously the bright spot on my Facebook feed. I told my real life friends about him. I made my son watch the dance parties. I danced to the dance parties. Thank you, Charlie Chap the WonderCat for popping up out of nowhere and becoming the favorite thing to see every day.” -Diana, 45

Gene Mutation Superhero

I want to share something else too. Did you know tuxedo cats are not a breed? Our fur looks like a tuxedo due to a genetic mutation. Nonetheless, I never had a fur complex. My fur makes me feel like a superhero! That is why Mommy calls me Charlie Chap the WonderCat!

Same Like All Cats

Although I am a wonder kitty, I am simply an ordinary cat too. For instance, I wake Mommy up at 6:30 a.m. and then lay in bed with her until she gets up. When Mommy gets home, I like to snuggle, do zoomies, play and go on the porch when it’s not winter. I love it when Mommy stays home all day.

My hobbies are playing on my beep-beep truck and monitoring my kingdom, watching outside from the windows and patrolling inside.

Asthma Patient

Me and my mommy are very in tune with each other. She can tell when I don’t feel good and takes very good care of me. I suffer from asthma and inflammatory bowel disease but she always knows how to help me.

My mom gives me medicine every night and I am doing very well. I can tell when mommy is upset or not feeling well either and I go snuggle and take care of her. We are very close with one another. I just love her!

My Advice: Don’t Wait to See a Vet

My advice for other cat lovers is: Don’t overthink veterinarian visits. If your gut feeling tells you that something is wrong, then follow your instincts. On most occasions when Mommy thought I wasn’t quite myself it turned out that her fear was well-founded.

Taking care of a cat is tricky, but if you are prepared to offer shelter to a kitty, it can be the best decision of your life! If you do so, I thank you for helping my friends. I can’t imagine life without Mommy and my home.

Follow Me

Feel free to follow me on my Instagram account: Charlie Chap the WonderCat. See more of my social media in my Linktree here.

All photos are copyrighted and trademarked and owned by me, Charlie Chap the WonderCat, LLC.

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