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Molly and Figaro: Two Marvelous Maine Coons

Meet Molly and Figaro, two enchanting Maine Coons living in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Molly and Figaro each have their own stories and personalities. Let us take you on a journey through their lives with their lovely pawrents Jasper and Esmée. Their stories began in different cities in the Netherlands. Molly was born in the Frisian city of Sneek, while Figaro took his first steps in Haarlem in the province of North Holland. When their pawrents met them, they were little fluff balls.

Long Way Home

Jasper and Esmée were immediately sold on the first meeting and took Molly home. Out of nervousness, she had pooped herself under in the car so her pawrents had to sit in the stench for 2.5 hours. At first, Molly thought her pawrents were scary. Eventually, they persuaded her to come and lie on their laps with them. Now their arms are Molly's furrever home. 


Figaro, on the other hand, is a real gentleman who does not immediately let his fear be known, which he expresses in playfulness. When he met his future pawrents at the time, he immediately jumped on their shoes to play with the laces. Apparently, they liked his demeanor and took him to their house. It was just a long drive and he was bored. Once he arrived, he discovered that he was not alone in the house and saw a fellow cat sitting in the room.

Friends or Frenemies?

Molly heard the car of Jasper and Esmée and immediately ran to the front door to greet them like always. When Molly listened to the front door opening she immediately knew something was up and quickly sat down at a distance from the door. To her surprise, yes, a similar cat came through the door. In the beginning, Molly growled a lot at Figaro to show that she was the boss in the house. Over time things got better and better between them and they got to know each other. Figaro and Molly are different but like to be mischievous together.

From Cozy Cuddles to Mischievous Mischief

Each cat has its favourite pastime activities. Molly loves cuddling, especially at night or in the morning. She loves waking Jasper and Esmée with her soft grunting and snuggling into the blanket. Figaro, on the other hand, is an adventurer at heart. He loves running around Sonsbeek Park in Arnhem with a harness on and discovering new smells and sounds while Molly is sunbathing on the balcony. Usually, they are good-behaved kids but they have both been naughty at times, too. Figaro slipped out of the house once and ended up (scared) hiding under a car. Molly likes to hide Jasper's plastic ears and chew on them until Jasper wakes up and has to go find them. 


Thus, their adventures continue with their wonderful pawrents Jasper and Esmée. Everyday, Molly and Figaro find a delicate balance between cozy cuddles and mischievous mischief, waiting to see what each moment may bring. As Maine Coons, they cherish their new home full of warmth of love and companionship, but somewhere within them lurks the longing for a garden to wander freely and enjoy the pleasures of nature. Molly and Figaro would also like some more wagyu and fancy wet food if their pawrents ever win the lottery. They will see what the future brings.

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