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The Cute Kamloops Kitten Duo We Didn’t Know We Needed

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Squeeker and Krink’s mother managed to escape the house just before her spay date. The accidental birth of the two adorable kittens is by far the best surprise Alicia could have wished for. Squeeker and Krink were taken in by Alicia from Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, when they were just kittens.


Like Sugar and Spice

According to Alicia, Squeeker and Krink have contradicting personalities. Squeeker is a sassy Virgo whereas Krink is a laid-back mama’s boy. Although Squeeker and Krink’s personalities are quite contrasting, cuddling with their mom is a common interest they share.

Since Alicia is in a long-distance relationship, Squeeker and Krink keep her company throughout the day. Alicia believes that the best part about owning two cats is that she receives twice the warmth and affection.

Squeeker and Krink’s grandmother comes over to visit them when she finds some time. Perhaps the best weekends for the two kittens are when their grandma is visiting them. They love to be held by their grandma and often compete over who gets to be cradled first.

Squeeker is an adventurous cat who enjoys going on hikes with Alicia.

When Squeeker went on her first road trip to Edmonton, she was overjoyed and thoroughly loved the experience. However, they had to leave Krink behind. This was because Krink, unlike his sister, hates travelling. In fact, he could not even stand a three-minute car ride to his aunt’s house, let alone a full-fledged hiking trip.

Life in British Columbia with Two Kittens

Alicia, descendant from the indigenous Secwépemc people, talks about her life in Kamloops, British Columbia, as a cat mom of two. Alicia’s biggest challenge was finding housing which accepts cats.

When Alicia takes Squeeker and Krink on walkies, there are certain rules and regulations that she ought to follow. Rules relating to the walking of pets vary across cities and provinces in Canada.

However, several Canadian municipalities do not allow pet parents to walk their companions ‘at large’. In the city of Burlington, Ontario, any pet animal that leaves their pawrent’s private property is mandated to be on a leash and walked by a ‘competent’ person.

Victoria is the only city in British Columbia that explicitly states that cats must be put on a leash in public space. Failure to comply with this rule carries a fine of $150. Fortunately for Squeeker and Krink, their city does not require them to be leashed in public spaces.

The Many Adventures of Squeeker

Squeeker is the more venturesome sibling. So much so that her hikes and walkies deserve to be discussed in detail.

Although, adventurous and extroverted, Squeeker is not too pleased when she comes across dogs on her hikes. The adventurous kitten is working on being less territorial and more friendly towards dogs she meets on her hikes. When Squeeker hisses or growls upon encountering a dog on her path, Alicia reassures her by petting her. Alicia makes sure to reward Squeeker when she does not act defensive upon seeing a dog.

Do not let this cat’s aversion towards dogs fool you into thinking she is unaffectionate. Squeeker loves to receive attention from the hoomans she meets on her hikes.

Alicia has been using the Artemis clothing bag to transport Squeeker and is currently also on a hunt for the perfect stroller for Squeeker and Krink. When it is raining in British Columbia, Squeeker and Krink wear their own little raincoats. In British Columbia it can get up till like 30°c degrees. So, Alicia only tries to take Squeeker and Krink out if it is under 25°c degrees.

Squeeker and Krink are living their best lives with their mom Alicia. Alicia feels lucky to have this lovely kittenduo in her life. To stay up to date on Squeeker’s hikes and Krink’s shenanigans check out their Instagram page @squeeker&krink, kukwstsétsemc (thank you)!


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