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The Wonderful Life of Muezza


(Happy Muezza)


Hello readers, pawrents, and cat community lovers. I hope you guys still remember me. I was featured on the CatSwoppr Instagram on October 2nd, during the time my foster-mom Aura, who now officially became my pawrent, found me while she was doing street cat feeding around the neighborhood in Depok, Indonesia. I was really small, skinny, and covered with a few scars back then, as I was trying my best to survive in the neighborhood filled with lots of malicious and cunning adult stray cats.

Some people in the neighborhood where I wandered around and lived were really nice to me, but others didn’t pay attention. Before my mom Aura took me in, one of the neighbors that live close by did not take care of me as a kitten really well. I had high hopes that someone would pick me up, provide me with love, and would offer me a warm place that I could call home.

On that day, when my mom was busy feeding other stray cats, I decided to catch her attention by meowing and rolling on the street. My mom noticed me and thought that I was super cute. So, she decided to pick me up and hold me in her arms for the first time. When she was holding me, she was also busy analyzing my body and she managed to find scars on some parts of my corps. At that point, she decided to take care of me and applied amoxidine to my scars. I was too weak to even react to the stinging feeling from the amoxidine. Despite the pain, I was very grateful that my mom was taking care of me.

Day after day, I kept joining the group of cats that my mom often fed. During that period she kept applying the amoxidine to my scars and gave me vitamins. I overheard my mom asking for permission from her parents to keep me. Because I have a very calm personality, although I can be hyperactive at times, her parents said yes. And that's when my mom finally officially took me in.

I cannot express how thankful I am for my dear mom’s decision and the permission of her parents to take me in. That first night at her home, I slept next to her in her bed. And now every time, it feels so warm when she cuddles me. She loves to cover me with a blanket and give me kisses before we are going to bed. Every morning, she always provides me with dry food for breakfast; in the afternoon she feeds me wet food and fish oil; and during the evening, she gives me snacks and dry food. And recently, she even made a vet appointment for me. The vet said to her that I am a healthy kitten and that my scars are about to heal soon. The vet also told my mom that she should be gentle with

me since I have a little bit of trauma from

(Muezza first drink)

my experiences with certain humans. But my mom managed to prove the vet wrong; as she had been able to teach me that humans are friends and that they can also be family to me.

(Muezza first cuddle)

Dear readers, pawrents, and cat community lovers, if you need help spreading your word with your cat-related issue or problem, or perhaps a funny or pawsitive cat story, do not hesitate to approach us at @CatSwoppr; we will gladly be of service to you.

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