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Finding Joy and Overcoming Challenges as a Student Cat Pawrent

Today’s story is about Andre Alexander Ngindaan, an Indonesian university student studying in Coblenz, Germany, who embarked on an inspiring journey when he decided to adopt a cat named Bolu. 

In this blog, we will delve into :

His experience as a cat pawrent,🧍‍🐈

the motivation to share his love for cats with the world, ❤️‍🔥🌍

the challenges he faced as a student, 💪😾

And how having Bolu has impacted his overall well-being.👨‍🎓💝

As a child, Andre always longed for a feline companion. However, due to various reasons, he was unable to fulfill this desire. When he moved to Germany for his studies, he was determined to take on the responsibility of caring for a cat, Bolu, who quickly became more than just a pet. Ane from this, Andre realised that cats are not mere animals but cherished members of the family.

Andre's journey with Bolu also opened his eyes to the differences in how animals are treated in different countries. In Germany, pets are considered part of the family, while in his home country, Indonesia, stray animals often face neglect and suffer on the streets. Andre feels saddened by this situation, and he plans to contribute to the welfare of cats in Indonesia through various initiatives and advocacy when he returns back to his home country.

Initially, Andre faced difficulties meeting the criteria set by shelters due to his lack of experience in taking care of Bolu and due to his busy university schedule. Nevertheless, Andre was willing to learn quickly about cat care. In no time, he knew everything about  nutrition, sterilisation, and playtime, and he even managed to seek additional income through part-time work to provide for Bolu's needs.

Having Bolu as a companion during his college years greatly impacted Andre's well-being and happiness. Whenever stress from classes and work overwhelmed him, Bolu's playful nature helped Andre disconnect from his mundane worries. The unconditional love and companionship offered by Bolu became a source of comfort and support, making Andre feel less lonely in a foreign country.

As a student cat pawrent, Andre found a sense of community among fellow cat lovers, who provided advice and support on various aspects of cat care. Online platforms and local communities were instrumental in sharing knowledge and experiences. In the future Andre plans to adopt another cat from a shelter as a companion for Bolu, ensuring that both cats have fulfilling lives.

💌Final Words💌

Andre's journey has been filled with joy, challenges, and personal growth. Through his experiences, he encourages future cat pawrents to embrace the joys and responsibilities of cat parenthood and to seek support from the cat-loving community for guidance and shared experiences.

👉If you want to see more of Andre’s content with Bolu, make sure to follow them on Instagram and learn more about his journey on Linktree.

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