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catswoppr team

Innovative spirit with passion for service

Meet our team of dedicated cat lovers who embody the vision of giving back to cats. Our Dutch-Indonesian founder characterizes CatSwoppr's innovative spirit with passion for service. We work and have worked with team members from Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Gabon, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Morocco, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United States of America, Vietnam. Enjoy the cat help we provide you with CatSwoppr.

team philosophy

Working for CatSwoppr means working for cats and cat people. Giving back to feline companions and feline lovers is our way of adding value to this planet. In the same way, we strive to provide our team members a lot of soft value. Having a track record of achieved goals is often a must-have for further growth in startups and scale-ups. Starters fresh from a university may not always get the chance or be able to show what they have in store. At CatSwoppr we mentor young culturally diverse starting professionals with various and different skillsets. We give them that unique chance to build this track record of measurable output.


Our team members have the freedom to move around the building blocks of the cat-centered services we aim to develop. They can choose which of their skills they like to sharpen, whether it is on designing and executing a Go-To-Community strategy, defining revenue models on the business development side, or fiddling with tech on the back-end to get databases straight and running smoothly.

Team members


Founder & CEO

Amsterdam-based former artist and PhD turned entrepreneur with Javanese roots. He is our Cat Executive Officer (CEO). His mission: providing help to all furr balls and their friends and owners - or 'staff' in prefurred cat-language. 200% and 24/7 committed to CatSwoppr, always on the buttons for cats!

linfu 2024.jpg


Content Creator

LinFu, a vivacious 24-year-old International Business student from The Hague, Netherlands, 

permeates each life chapter with limitless enthusiasm. Currently, she shares her life with two mischievous cats. When she is not busy looking after her cats, she finds joy in piano tunes, photography escapades, and scenic hikes. LinFu's insatiable curiosity motivates her to explore diverse cultures, enriching her perspective. With a knack for storytelling, she crafts engaging content for CatSwoppr, illuminating the beauty of feline companionship. Whether tinkering on the piano keys or capturing fleeting moments through her lens, LinFu embodies the spirit of adventure in both her personal and professional pursuits.

roman 2023.jpg



Our main man in Notion, Figma and TestFlight, Russian speaking from Ukraine living already quite some years in Switzerland. Former CTO in an eHealth scale-up, now leading the Tech Dev of our CatScanR app as seasoned CTO and Senior Software Developer. Father of two children and cat pawrent to some happy cats in Zürich, he is our silent power behind the screens working on our MVP.



Web Keeper

Basel-based Swedish parent of three lovely furr balls. Magnus is our Web Keeper until we fly out to another platform.

flavia 2022.jpg

Blog Editor

Flavia is currently pursuing her master’s degree in English Literary Studies in Groningen. She is 22 and comes from Galați, Romania. Given her degree, it is unsurprising that Flavia loves books and writing. In her free time, Flavia attends art and ballet classes. Above all, Flavia loves cats as proven by the million cat accounts she follows on Instagram. Thus, when Flavia joined CatSwoppr as a member of the Content Creation team she was ecstatic to be able to generate content that helps cats. Disciplined and thorough, Flavia is also in charge of editing. In the future, Flavia hopes to become a writer or work in academia. She wishes to adopt two cats once she moves into a larger flat. 

ömür holdur 2022.jpeg


Graphic Designer

She's not from Kayseri nor Ankara or Instanbul, but from Eskişehir. Her weapon of choice, the drawing pen. Ömür has the great ability to visually manifest her dreams with ink onto paper.  She is a profound artist and designer with a big heart for all animals, especially cats. 

pia 2024.jpg


Content Creator

Pia is a devoted cat enthusiast hailing from the Netherlands. With a fervent love for felines, she joined CatSwoppr to write captivating stories of cats worldwide through our social media channels. Currently pursuing studies in International Communication, Pia spends her leisure time gaming or going to the cinema. While her cozy studio lacks feline companionship, she finds solace in visiting her friend's cats. With a childhood shaped by two beloved cats, Pia's bond with these majestic felines runs deep. At CatSwoppr, she spearheads our Instagram presence, collaborating closely with fellow Content Creators to celebrate the magic of cats online.

aura 2022.jpg


Community Coordinator

Aura is full of creative ideas, can work with video editing applications and always wants to learn more due to her schooling in Indonesian and Dutch culture. Her Persian cats Miu and Mochi live in Depok together with Michael the British Shorthair.

ha 2024.png

Content Creator

Hailing from Vietnam and now rooted in the Netherlands, Ha's journey is marked by a tapestry of cultural experiences. Ha's affinity for cats traces back to her cherished companions in Vietnam, nurturing a lifelong bond with these graceful creatures. Armed with a degree in International Relations from Pavia University, Italy, she is ready to help the Content Creating Team at CatSwoppr. Ha lends her expertise to crafting compelling blogs and managing our Twitter presence. While her connection with cats remains casual, her dedication to sharing their charm knows no bounds, enriching our platform with her diverse talents. When she is not busy working for CatSwoppr she loves playing the piano.

eric 2023.jpg


Content Creator

Eric, an 18-year-old from Lagos, Nigeria, is a Computer Engineering and Copywriting Freelancer.  Outside of work, Eric has a passion for chess and basketball, but his heart truly belongs to classical music. His favourite composers are Mozart and Beethoven, and he has a special affinity for Bach. Eric himself plays instruments. He can play a bit of the violin, clarinet and saxophone.

Although he doesn't have cats right now, Eric looks forward to the day he can welcome one into his life. He admires cats for their ability to offer comfort to their owners and their affection. Eric recently started his journey in writing for CatSwoppr as a way to give back to nature. This is his first foray into the world of cat stories, and he's excited about the opportunity to impact people's lives through his writing.

cyrilla 2024_edited.jpg


 Content Creator

Meet Cyrilla, an Indonesian student pursuing an International Business Short Degree Program in Enschede, Netherlands. Surrounded by a family of ten charming cats, she is always enthusiastic to aid other cats. At CatSwoppr, she channels her creativity into curating captivating content, spotlighting our Cat of the Month and crafting engaging TikTok narratives. Balancing her academic endeavours with a commitment to spreading feline love, Cyrilla embodies the ethos of CatSwoppr. In her downtime, she finds delight in a kaleidoscope of hobbies, from sports to arts. In regard to artistic pursuits, Cyrilla's voracious appetite for storytelling fuels her passion for reading and cinema. 

izzy 2024_edited.jpg


Content Creator

south africa.png

past members

2022 Saad, Catarina, Markisia, Panayiotis, Kateryna, Peter, Almustapha, Vladislava, Veronika, Ilinca, Olga, Naufal, Sherline, Ayijiang, Sofia


2023 Qian, Vera, Alparslan, Gyath, Napat, Stefene, Tebogo, Ivan, Andreea, Linlin, Shrey, Asmita, Maya, Anastasia, Revel, Samer, Manal, Ishrath, Suki Samara, Carla, Anne

south africa.png

past contributors

2021 Nienke, Inge, Nannette, Sarah, Rudie 

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