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catswoppr team

Innovative spirit with passion for service

Meet our team of dedicated cat lovers who embody the vision of giving back to cats. Our Dutch-Indonesian founder characterizes CatSwoppr's innovative spirit with passion for service. We work and have worked with team members from Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, Gabon, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Morocco, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine. Enjoy the cat help we provide you with CatSwoppr.

team philosophy

Working for CatSwoppr means working for cats and cat people. Giving back to feline companions and feline lovers is our way of adding value to this planet. In the same way, we strive to provide our team members a lot of soft value. Having a track record of achieved goals is often a must-have for further growth in startups and scale-ups. Starters fresh from a university may not always get the chance or be able to show what they have in store. At CatSwoppr we mentor young culturally diverse starting professionals with various and different skillsets. We give them that unique chance to build this track record of measurable output.


Our team members have the freedom to move around the building blocks of the cat-centered services we aim to develop. They can choose which of their skills they like to sharpen, whether it is on designing and executing a Go-To-Community strategy, defining revenue models on the business development side, or fiddling with tech on the back-end to get databases straight and running smoothly.

Team members


Founder & CEO

Amsterdam-based entrepreneur with Javanese roots. He is our Cat Executive Officer (CEO). His mission: providing help to all furr balls and their friends and owners - or 'staff' in prefurred cat-language.

shrey 2023.jpg



Cat Technology Officer Shrey hails from Kalol, Gujarat, India. He has a Computer Engineering highschool background and currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where he studies Software Development. His strengths are in programming, Robotics, Database Management and Machine Learning. He also acquired knowledge of multiple Programming as well as scripting languages. Shrey is dedicated to give back to cats!






Technical Advisor

Basel-based Swedish parent of three lovely furr balls. Magnus is our Technical Advisor, the digital wizard who is committed to bring CatSwoppr to the next cat tech level.

flavia 2022.jpg

Content Creator

Flavia is currently pursuing her master’s degree in English Literary Studies in Groningen. She is 22 and comes from Galați, Romania. Given her degree, it is unsurprising that Flavia loves books and writing. In her free time, Flavia attends art and ballet classes. Above all, Flavia loves cats as proven by the million cat accounts she follows on Instagram. Thus, when Flavia joined CatSwoppr as a member of the Content Creation team she was ecstatic to be able to generate content that helps cats. Disciplined and thorough, Flavia is also in charge of editing. In the future, Flavia hopes to become a writer or work in academia. She wishes to adopt two cats once she moves into a larger flat. 

asmita 2022.jpeg


Content Creator

Asmita is one of the key members of the Content Creation team at CatSwoppr. She is 24 years old, comes from Calcutta, West Bengal, India and had just finished her master’s in Sociology. Naturally, her greatest passion is writing. Nothing relaxes Asmita more than journaling, except for cats! She had not, one, not two, but five cats in the past. Despite her allergies, she can never give up her love for cats. In fact, her bond with her cats is so strong that she dreams to adopt more in the future. She also hopes to do research in her field and help CatSwoppr grow.

stefene 2022.jpg



Gabon native, Stefene studied in Cape Town and is now based in Apeldoorn for his Marketing studies at Wittenborg Applied University. He is a power train when it comes to clarifying things. As cat lover he is dedicated to put his study into practice at CatSwoppr.

gyath 2022


Business Developer

Molecular biologist and biochemist Gyath comes from Madaba Jordan and lives in Debrecen Hungary. That's right. No matter where you are from, cat lovers keep being cat lovers, wherever in the world. Gyath works on a cat health series in combination with our business development. 

ömür holdur 2022.jpeg

Graphic Designer

She's not from Kayseri nor Ankara or Instanbul, but from Eskişehir. Her weapon of choice, the drawing pen. Ömür has the great ability to visually manifest her dreams with ink onto paper.  She is a profound artist and designer with a big heart for all animals, especially cats. 

aura 2022.jpg


Marketing Lead

Aura is full of creative ideas, can work with video editing applications and always wants to learn more due to her schooling in Indonesian and Dutch culture. Her Persian cats Miu and Mochi live in Depok together with Michael the British Shorthair.

Nuray 2023.jpg


Software Developer

tebogo 2022.jpg


Software Dev

south africa.png


Ivan is a 22-year-old graduate of Computer Animation in the United Kindom. Despite studying in Newcastle, Ivan was born in Burgas, Bulgaria. Now, Ivan is currently employed as a 2D-3D Animator in his home country. He is working at a game company called Evolution and he is happy that he turned his passion into his daily job. However, Ivan felt that he can use his passion to help society in one way or another. Driven by his civic sense and his love for his cat Yoko, Ivan decided that he has to help cats. Now he creates digital art for CatSwoppr and is looking forward to seeing how the project grows.  




Andreea 2022.jpg


Content Creator

Andreea is a vital member of the Content Creation team. She is 19 and was born in Galați, Romania. Since Andreea is currently studying Creative Media and Game Technology i Groningen, she wishes to employ her knowledge to help CatSwoppr achieve its goals. Specifically, through her projects, she wants to mix art and technology to create aesthetically pleasing content. In the past, she had playfully experimented with designs. From building houses in Sims 4 to creating her websites, Andreea has tried them all! Now she is ready to use her experience to help cats at CatSwoppr. Her love for cats is fueled not only by the cats' cuteness but also, by their intelligence. In particular, Andreea loves the cats’ ability to adapt to every owner. She believes that cats mimic their owner's personality, which is utterly fascinating to her!




linlin 2022.jpg

Content Creator

Even though Linlin was born in China, she currently studies Economics in the Netherlands. Extremely creative, Linlin is ready to combine her field of expertise with her sincere passion for cats to aid the Content Creation team generate eye-catching content. She hopes that her work at CatSwoppr will raise enough funds to help as many cats in need as possible. Besides engaging in creative projects, Linlin loves, with an ardent passion, spicy food. Once she finishes her studies, Linlin would love to adopt a cat of her own. 

napat 2022.jpeg


Content Creator








past members

2022 Saad, Catarina, Markisia, Panayiotis, Kateryna, Peter, Almustapha, Vladislava, Veronika, Ilinca, Olga, Naufal, Sherline, Ayijiang, Sofia, Qian, Vera, Alparslan


past contributors

2021 Nienke, Inge, Nannette, Sarah, Rudie 


past collab

CatSwoppr collaborated on R&D projects with secondary education pupils of Technasium Calandlyceum Amsterdam from February till June 2022.


Three pupil teams selected as their client. They were in tech training to research problems and design solutions. We had the honor to mentor them and we called them our Future Cat Tech Experts. Team Kagan (4VWO) worked on DIY architecture for cats, using waste materials. Team Younes (6VWO) produced a technical development plan to measure and keep track of the fitness and health of cats. Team Kenza (5VWO) designed and developed a solution for lost cats, how to deal with them and what to do for their cat parents.

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