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8 Things That You Do Which Are Slowly Killing Your Cat

Updated: May 27, 2022

As an honored poop scooper for our cats, we all love them deeply, but sometimes we just have not paid enough attention to these little things which might permanently harm our cats. Let’s dive into them!


1. No window Protection

You must remember to close the window if you reside in a high-rise building. Do not put your faith in luck. Cats are inquisitive creatures. They will begin to expand their territory after they are accustomed to the home environment, therefore jumping out the window is the ideal option. I lost my darling 2-year-old cat because I did not seal my balcony and lived on the 25th floor, so please be cautious.

2. No mating the cat or neutering

Most cats reach sexual maturity between the ages of 7-8 months, however, cats who have not been neutered or mated suffer greatly. It will not only raise your cat's likelihood of staying away in search of a partner, but it will also increase the chance of contractible infections, cervical cancer in female cats, and testicular cancer in male cats. As a result, neutering cats can help them live longer.

3. Feed Them Your Food

Even though there are many foods that we can share with our cats, this is not secure enough. Especially for pet cats raised indoors, their stomachs are very fragile, and they can't fully digest human food, which is easy to causes diarrhea. Common foods are: chocolate (highly toxic), onion, scallion, garlic (containing disulfide, which destroys red blood cells and causes anemia, and at the same time causes a lot of urination, which leads to renal failure), grape (vomiting and diarrhea, and severe renal failure), pear (light dizziness and vomiting, severe dyspnea, convulsions), avocado (causing poisoning), citrus (cats usually hate citrus fruits), Raw fish (predominantly freshwater fish) also contain a lot of thiamine, which is an enzyme used to digest vitamin B1. If it is undercooked and fed to cats, it is easy to destroy the nutritional balance in cats.

4. Bathe the cat too often

Cats usually don't like to take a bath, because the wet hair gets heavier, and cats hate that feeling. Moreover, frequent bathing will destroy the grease protection layer of the cat's skin, which will lead to various diseases. If it is not dried in time, it will catch a cold and get sick. It is recommended that long-haired cats should stay for 1-2 months and short-haired cats for 2-3 months, depending on the cleanliness of the environment.

5. Plant lilies, azaleas, and other plants in the house

Common plants that are toxic to cats are lily (extremely toxic to cats), rhododendron (vomiting and diarrhea), chrysanthemum (dermatitis, vomiting, and diarrhea), and carnation (slightly toxic and mild dermatitis).

6. Let the cat wear a bell

Besides the discomfort caused by the rope of the bell to the cat's neck. Cats have a keen hearing, the high-frequency sound of the bell also does some harm to the cat's hearing.

7. Always play pranks to scare cats

Maybe you just want to play with your cat, but if the cat is too frightened, the cat may have a stress reaction. The general stress reaction is caused by excessive regulation of hormones and the immune system in cats. In mild cases, there may be loss of appetite and diarrhea, and in severe cases, there may be illness and death.

8. Feed cats cat food with no nutritional value

When you feed your cat unhelpful cat food for a long time, the cat will become malnourished. You can check the cat's hair, which reflects the cat's quality of life. A healthy cat should have soft and shiny hair. If the cat's hair is dry, dull, and easy to break or fall off, it may be that the cat is suffering from malnutrition. You can also check the weight changes of cats. Cats with poor appetite eat less and lose weight seriously over time. Instead of only providing dry cat food, we should take proactive measures to change cat food on a regular basis and prepare nutritious and complete meals. If the condition is critical, you must rush to the pet hospital to restore energy.

We'd be thrilled if you learned something new today, and don't forget to hit that little heart for us, it means the world to us!

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