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A new Karachi home needed for Luna and Gracie

Cats Luna and Gracie live in Karachi, Pakistan. This is a place in which pet care is extremely expensive. For that reason, there are numerous stray cats roaming around in Karachi.


Cat Luna is the seventh cat who is taken care of by Hamna, the cat pawrent of Rose. Cat Rose has an eosinophilic granuloma complex. This mean that she cannot bear any other cat inside her territory and gets lesions across her body whenever she is stressed. But remarkably and luckily, Rose has bonded big time with Luna.

Luna is a 1.75 years old female calico cat. She was abandoned by her mother and was a cutie when they found her. Luna grew up outside in front of Hamna’s main door, but gradually came to live with her and Rose in the backyard type of space. Luna now lives there, but roams the area too.

One day Luna was crossing the road when a tom cat starting to chase her and a car hit her. The blunt force trauma fractured her entire jaw from three places.

She had to undergo multiple surgeries, so the vet could insert a wire and align her jaw. Luna stayed at the clinic for almost a month and it has costed Hamna a lot, not to say a fortune, to take care of the medication, boarding, and the transport expenses, as the vets were located far from Hamna’s home.

Luna in the backyard

At this moment, the superficial healing is done, but the internal bone is still healing and will take approximately three months. Luna still gets bouts of extreme pain and Hamna is keeping her under observation. She developed an infection at the site of fracture and where the wire was initially inserted. Nonetheless, she is still very active and playful, and it’s nearly impossible to control her movements.

In the backyard, she now lives under a “takhat”, a wooden bed which is covered with plastic. So even if it rains, she will be dry and safe.

Luna is on a soft food diet at the moment. Sourcing cat food cans is another struggle in Pakistan. Luna eats 3000 PKR (Pakistani rupee) worth of cans in a week. Because raw food leads to puss at the site of fracture. Therefore, Luna occasionally eats home cooked chicken too.

The main concern of Hamna is to make sure Luna receives her medicines, regular health check-ups, and expensive food that she needs. It already has costed Hamna around 60.000 PKR (approx.€ 262,00 / $ 270.00), which is a lot for one person as independent rescuer in Karachi.

cat food

Besides Luna, there is another rescued cat called Gracie. She too lives in Hamna’s home. Gracie has some health problems as well, though less strong. She often gets cramps or pain in her backbone.

Luna and Gracie are in need of a new adoption home within Pakistan, as Hamna eventually cannot keep them in the same house with Rose. Also monetary help would sustain the kind of living Luna and Gracie require now. For this, Hamna would really appreciate your support, ideally with a one-time donation or as long term sponsor.



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