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Cat Housing like the Eiffel Tower?!

Recently we started a collaboration with student teams from Calandlyceum Technasium Amsterdam. One of the teams chose to work on architecture for cats, using waste material to create blueprints of DIY cat houses. Specifically, the team consists of: Kagan Yazar (team leader), Yusuf Cicek, Yassir Mabrouk and Madyan Mizar Ahmad, and they are in the fourth class of the Technasium. R&D (Research and Design) is one of the subjects provided at the Technasium and it is a course that allows students to expand their skills, creativity, and the ability to work effectively online. The team chose this assignment because their interest lies in designing and building and they believe that by doing so, they will be able to successfully merge their ideas as a group.

The goal of the team is to create a beautiful building in which a cat can sleep or play, as well as to produce a blueprint (concept) of the final product with an accompanying manual. Finally, the product will also include a guidebook with construction designs of several types of cat architecture and cat-play equipment to assist cat owners.

Cats like to sit in or under carboard boxes, but you can do so much more with such a dull rectangular box! Perhaps cat owners don’t just want a simple box, but a beautiful building; a palace on the dame, or Big Ben, or the Eiffel Tower, in which their cat can sleep or play. The team emphasizes that the final product’s objective is to provide comfort to your cat, reuse of secondhanded materials and to be creative with your family while giving something to your cat, which also looks cozy in your living room!

So, the goal then is to give something back to a cat while also being active with your cat and having fun while doing so. For instance, people always feel great after putting together an IKEA cabinet, right? Therefore, with this you can partially solve your cat’s boredom problem by providing them with a new house or play equipment. Usually, the cat quickly becomes bored in such a dull environment, but with a new house or play equipment, they will be happy and the problem of not paying enough attention to them will be solved as well. Moreover, your cat will also have the impression that more love is given to them because you are now actively working for them!

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ol' kitty bastard
ol' kitty bastard
Apr 03, 2022

love it, keep it up


Mar 28, 2022

Go Technasium team Kagan! So much looking forward to the results!

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