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Catswoppr x Calandlyceum Technasium Amsterdam R&D teams

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

We are super excited to announce our collaboration with student teams from Calandlyceum Technasium Amsterdam! Our team here in Catswoppr is eager to see what will come from working with these talented students, which we will now refer as our Future Cat Tech Experts!

Our Future Cat Tech Experts have chosen as their client as part of their tech training on researching problems and designing solutions. Team Kagan* is on 4VWO level, Team Kenza* is on 5VWO level, and Team Younes* is on 6VWO level (final year) of the Technasium school. Specifically, Team Kagan will work on architecture for cats, using waste material, such as cardboard boxes, to create downloadable blue prints/ instructions of DIY cat houses. Team Younes will work on their “Meesterproef” (=Masterpiece), which is a technical development plan to measure and keep track of the fitness and health of cats. Lastly, Team Kenza will focus on lost cats, how to deal with them and what to do for their cat parents.

We’ll have periodic updates from our talented youth, alongside their thoughts and experiences as they embark on this joint journey.

Cat owners rejoice!

Our Future Cat Tech Experts

*Team Kenza - Kenza, Hamza, Saifeddine, Ryan

*Team Kagan - Kagan, Yassir, Yusuf, Madyan

*Team Younes - Younes, Mohammed

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