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Help Cesur Get Well!

Cesur was found by his pawrent Nese crying for help. He was living on the streets of his hometown in Rize, Turkey, fighting the dangers of the city life alone. Touched by his agonising meowing sounds, Nese decided to take him home. She washed him, fed him and then she went to the nearest vet clinic to have Cesur checked.

Short-Lived Happiness

Unfortunately, Cesur was ill, but they could not find the exact cause. Hence, Cesur did not recover even after two months of treatment. Determined to save his life, his pawrent Nese went back to the vet in Rize to ask for a second specialised opinion on Cesur’s case. With a heart full of hope, she was handed over Cesur’s x-ray and test results.

The Dreadful Diagnosis

Cat x-ray
Cesur's X-Ray

The veterinarian in Rize directed Nese and Cesur to Samsun Animal Hospital in the city of Samsun, a seven hours drive from Rize. Nese immediately called and made an appointment for Cesur. She and Cesur travelled long hours by bus to Samsun on the day of the appointment and, as soon as they stepped into the clinic, the veterinarians welcomed them. The vets then checked Cesur and after conducting thorough investigations they diagnosed Cesur with FIP (Feline Coronavirus).