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Help Madu Back on His Paws!

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Madu and Bulan

Meet Madu, a sweet and cuddly one-year-old kitten who is incredibly curious and loves to play with his brother, Bulan. They both live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

When cat pawrent Laura brought them home less than a year ago, they were very scared. They would hide behind the curtains because they were too afraid to show themselves.

Madu in Blu

The next morning, however, it was clear for Laura and her boyfriend Morschi that Madu and Bulan had made themselves at home in their new residence. When Laura went to check on them, she found the entire room turned upside down. It was obvious then, that their new cats are two furry little rascals.

After some patience (about three weeks), while Laura was working on her laptop, she suddenly felt a paw on her lap. She looked under the desk, and there was Madu. Still a bit hesitant but determined, he climbed onto her lap. This is typical of Madu's gentle nature – he loves to cuddle with you all day long.

Sometimes, when you lift the blanket, you will find him lying on his back with his little arms in the air. He brings Laura and Morschi so much happiness, love, and comfort. Madu has an unbelievable ability to sense when something is wrong and will come to your side to provide solace.

Penis Amputation

Unfortunately, things haven't been going well for Madu. A few months ago, he developed bladder stones. Laura realized something was wrong when Madu climbed onto her lap and gave her a strange look with his mouth open and his head tilted to the side.

He then went to the litter box and stayed there for about seven minutes without urinating. Laura immediately knew something was wrong – Madu was obstructed.

Knowing how serious this condition can be, she rushed him to the veterinarian. They admitted him and catheterized him, flushing out his bladder for a few days. Unfortunately, it was in vain because Madu became obstructed again.

The veterinarians recommended amputating his penis. You see, male cats are more prone to blockages than females due to the narrow diameter of the urethral opening (0.5mm) compared to female cats (3mm). The penis amputation is done to widen the urethral opening to reduce the risk of future obstructions.

Moreover, Madu needed to change his diet. The doctors recommended to Laura and Morschi to feed Madu cat food made by reputable brands like Hills.

Intravenous Treatment

Madu's surgery was successful, but he required a significant amount of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, and pain relief. His recovery seemed to be going well until he developed a bacterial infection.

Due to his prolonged exposure to medication, he can no longer tolerate oral antibiotics. This led to diarrhea and poor absorption of the medication into his bloodstream, allowing the bacteria to thrive.

Therefore, Madu urgently needs intravenous treatment to receive the entire course of antibiotics directly into his bloodstream for a minimum of 14 days.

Considering the high costs Laura and Morschi have already incurred for his previous treatments and surgery, they are unable to afford this on their own.

Help Needed, Any Contribution is Welcome!

So, what does Madu need? He needs a minimum of 14 days of hospitalization, contrast imaging, regular abdominal ultrasounds, ongoing blood and urine tests, and, of course,intravenous antibiotics three times a day.

Altogether, the total cost is approximately €6,850 . Laura and Morschi have made some progress gathering the sum, but they are not there yet. Would you like to help them get Madu back on his paws?

You can contribute with any amount, by using the following link: Cat pawrents Laura and Morschi, and cats Madu and Bulan would be furrever grateful for your support!

Madu and Bulan

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