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Lisa the Special Kitty

Updated: 2 days ago

All kitties are special. But there are some who need a little more love and care in order to thrive.

Lisa is back.” This is the sentence that Irene, the receptionist at Friends for Life, a no-kill animal rescue based in Houston, Texas repeatedly overhears on an otherwise regular day at work. Visibly curious, she walks up to see what all this hullabaloo is really about. Irene understands that there is a newcomer at the rescue and attempts to take a better look at her. However, it is only later that Irene learns that this kitty has found herself in this predicament before. Irene vividly recalls her first encounter with Lisa. She says Lisa was placed inside a kennel just across from her receptionist's desk in the lobby. Lisa was terrified and hiding beneath the blanket in the kennel. Up until this encounter with Lisa, Irene considered herself to be a “strictly dog person.” However, it was Lisa who nudged Irene into rethinking this identity. She thinks back on how she asked one of her co-workers to ‘show’ her how to pet a cat!

Lisa and Irene