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Merel Crossing The Rainbow Bridge

Enjoy every moment with your cat and try to make a pawty each day. I am so thankful I could do that and was able to spend a lot of time with my sweet Merel💕” – Cat pawrent Marielle

Merel was a beautiful black and white female cat. She got adopted by her cat pawrent Marielle when she was three months old. Marielle met Merel at Merel’s foster family, when Marielle was looking for a match that could accompany her cat Belle who she just had adopted. Belle seemed not to want any friends at all while at the shelter. But when at Marielle’s home, it was quite clear that Belle was longing for a furry friend.

Marielle immediately fell in love with Merel, as she had such soft and loving eyes 😍. Actually not quite surprisingly, Merel’s somewhat shy character also seemed to match with Belle’s personality. And boy did it match!!! Many precious moments consisted of Merel and Belle playing together, grooming each other, and sleeping side by side. Also Merel liked to play chase with the other cats in Marielle’s home, Nina and Twizzel.

Merel was a very dependent sweet girl with as favorite spot Marielle’s lap. She spent every night curling up next to Marielle in bed. Merel created many precious moments for Marielle. One of these was, when Marielle walked up to Merel to cuddle, and that Merel reacted so enthusiastically by rolling around, gloating for what was about to come. Merel was always there for her cat pawrent: waving Marielle goodbye through the window when she went to work, greeting her when she came back, accompanying her when making diner or a hot chocolate, and sleeping next to her.

Besides playing with her cat sisters Belle and Nina and cat brother Twizzel, Merel was also fond of helping to unpack packages and chewing on strawberry boxes. She even had her own specially made box full of papers in which she loved to dig. Another sweet memory was that Merel gave soft head bumps to the phone when hearing the voice of Marielle’s mother.

A last heartwarming anecdote concerns the fact that Merel liked Marielle’s neighbor, who always greeted Merel through the window when walking pass by. Whenever Merel heard that neighbor’s door, she was sprinting to the window to not miss the hello’s and goodbye’s.

Merel was seven years young when she passed away due to a kidney failure. Until her last breath, she had been fighting her illness with support of Marielle and her cat sisters Belle and Nina, and cat brother Twizzel.

Rest in peace sweet Merel.

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