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Things You Need To Know About A Cat's Memory

First of all, let's talk about the cat's brain. The cat's head is small but has all the organs inside, and its structure is much the same as a human's. Scientific studies have shown that cats have the IQ of a 2-3-year-old. The cat's brain has twice as many nerve cells to manage information as a dog's, so it has a very good memory.

We need to know that cats have both Short-term memory and Long-term memory. The short-term memory of cats contains information that has an immediate effect on their problem-solving. According to a study in 2014, a cat’s average short-term memory is around 16 hours, compared to 27 seconds which was noted to be the average short-term memory span of animals, isn't it amazing?!

The best time for a cat to remember things is between 2-7 weeks.

During this period, cats can be very dependent on the owner if the owner would spare more time to play with the cat.

Long-term Memory of the Cat

Studies have shown that felines can recall good experiences, such as eating a favorite treat. When felines see a person or other animal frequently, they will be able to remember them and the interaction with them whether it was good or bad.

These types of memories are kept in a specific zone of the cat’s brain, and they can be recalled when the cat wants them. This is why CatSwoppr has been repeatedly mentioning the importance of creating daily rituals with your pet: 1. These rituals are reminders of your love for your furry friend; 2. Your effort is appreciated because cats have a good memory.

Episodic Memory

Speaking of good memory, we need to mention Saho Takagi, a Japanese psychologist at Kyoto University. She stated that the ability of cats and dogs to remember single events from the past could mean that they possess human-like “episodic memory."

Takagi mentioned once in an interview with the BBC, that she noted that "episodic memory is thought to be related to the role of internal reflection,” and her study shows that cats possess this conscience.

Saho Takagi is holding a cat (beautiful photo!)

Researchers even made this exciting speculation which is that maybe cats are like humans, they also enjoy the sensation of actively recalling past experiences.

It is also crucial to remember that there are other factors affecting your cat’s memory: For instance, your cat’s age, how you are treating them now, and how often you spend time with them. These things can affect your cat’s cognitive abilities. Therefore, it is never too late to give back to your cat, play with her more, and talk to her more.

Your effort will not be taken for granted, our cat understands: who is the one that pets her every day; who is the one bringing yummy cat treat after work; Who is the one clearing up their mess all the time. Your cat might annoy you sometimes with the mid-night runs on the bed, or messing up your favorite pot of flowers, but she has been loving you in her ways...

Just kidding, you are doing great human!

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