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A Rainbow Story: The Gorgeous Cat Kuchina

Updated: Dec 8, 2022


(Beautiful Kuchina posing for the camera)


Hello pawrents, readers, and cat community, my name is Kuchina and I used to live in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. In 2018, I was adopted by my mom, Denissa, alongside my siblings. Before she met me, Denissa was just a college student trying to find a companion for herself. Eventually, she met my sibling and me. We were born with different colors: my sibling is a gorgeous black cat and I was born pure white, just like snow. We were like yin and yang so, Denissa could not separate us. I was really happy that my mom decided to adopt both me and my sibling. We finally found a pawrent that we saw as our forever family.

(Kuchina laying down gorgeously)

As a pawrent, my mom cared for us and dutifully looked after me and my sibling. She would always spend time with us playing with toys or offering us treats. In 2019, my mom graduated from college, which meant it was time for her to move back to Bekasi, West Java. Denissa decided to bring me, and

let one of her friends take care of my sibling. This meant that I had to say goodbye to my sibling, but I am sure that my mother's friend is taking good care of them! When I moved to Bekasi with my mom, I had to adapt to a new home and a foreign environment. However, everything went well. I was happy that my mom let me play outside. This allowed me to breathe fresh air, a habit that I adopted when I lived in Malang.

(Kuchina up close)

Since I was so used to my strolls, no one could have foreseen the events that occurred months after we moved to Bekasi. As I was walking peacefully in my neighborhood, a car ran over me. My mom found me, but she could never identify the culprit. She was mortified by the sight of my tiny body fighting for life. With every breath, the light of this world became dimmer and dimmer. She watched me in tears as I embarked on my journey over the rainbow. After the event, Denisssa was disquieted for a long time. I am happy, nevertheless, to see that my mom kept all the good memories. I know it was a hard time for Denissa since she was used to my presence. Now, I want her to know that my greatest wish is to see her move on and live her life. I will watch over her from here as she watched over me on earth. Thank you, dear mom, for taking care of me. I am proud to have you as my pawrent and my forever family. Love you, always, Kuchina.

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