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A Serbian cat named London

Born in Nish, Serbia, about three years ago, London is a naughty cat living her best life. An affectionate and introverted furry friend, London is brightening the lives of her family members every single day.

After having lost their mother, London and her littermates were taken care of by kind locals in Nish, Serbia. The fragile kittens were placed inside a box and fed milk out of a baby's bottle. Their lives took a turn for the better when potential adopters began to visit them. On one such occasion, the kittens were visited by two teenagers, Joka and Milan. The kittens were overjoyed to meet them. The kittens reached forward to Joka and Milan meowing loudly. They raced against each other trying to catch the attention of the teenagers. But there was something about London and her sister that stood out to Joka and Milan. Since London and her sister looked the same, the teenagers had a difficult time picking a kitten to take back home. Eventually, Joka and Milan decided to take London home. They found London to have a calmer demeanor than her sister.

London’s homecoming

When London was brought home, she was confined in a separate room for the first few days. Joka and Milan referred to this as her ‘quarantine,’. London was allowed to wander the house after she had been checked by the veterinarian and cleaned off of her parasites. Joka and Milan were elated to welcome their newest family member to the house. However, there was one human in the house who seemed unhappy upon the arrival of little London – Joka and Milan’s mother. Joka and Milan's mother was so exasperated with London that she refused to speak to them for a few days. She expressed her dislike for London and often talked about ‘returning her’ or ‘throwing her out.’ For fear of their mother, Joka and Milan kept a close watch on London to make sure that she was safe in the house. Fortunately, time heals everything. This has been especially true in the case of Joka and Milan's mother. With time, she accepted London and began seeing her for the lively and adorable kitten that she is.

London is a homebody. She is not a fan of the outdoors and mostly enjoys staying inside the apartment. One time, Joka and Milan tried to put London on a leash, but she scratched them and refused to move from the spot. Hence, Joka and Milan know that London is not interested in the outdoors.

London's favourite plushy toys include a bear and a guinea pig. To get a glimpse into the daily life of London, please follow her on Instagram at itslondonthecat

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