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A Short and Sweet Sanji Story

Purr Purr, It’s Me, Sanji!

Hello dear cat friends, my name is Sanji and today I will tell you my story.

I am four years old and live in Montréal, Canada. As you can guess, I purr bilingually: in French and English.

I do not know much about the world, though I know that I am – despite being a kitty cat - fond of the song “Who Let the Dogs Out’ by Baha Men.

While enjoying those tunes, nothing makes me more happy than my favourite meal of beef and chicken.

Former Stray Cat

Before living in the comfortable house of my pawrents, I had to face a lot of hardships. For a while, as a very furry youngster, I lived on the streets of Montréal. When I recall those days, I remember I was starving to death. Luckily, my two daddies found me. Their names are Valentin and Stephan.

I am so happy with them, as they immediately took care of me, fed me and kept me warm. Now I am officially adopted by them. Valentin and Stephan also started an Instagram account for me, while they were watching a Disney Movie The Little Mermaid.

Current Daily Life

Today, I am living the life. My daily routine consists of waking up with my Daddy Valentin. I sleep next to him because he needs to go to work during the daytime.

My daddy Stephan is at home. We spend the day cleaning the house and cooking. When Daddy Valentin comes home, it is playtime for me again. My favorite is when he throws some balls or a fake mouse and I chase it.

As I was not a natural indoor cat when I was young, I still enjoy going outside. I can go out as much as I want. Sometimes I hop outside for 10 minutes. But it also can happen that I am snooping around for even two to three hours.

When staying inside the house, I often sit in my spot next to the TV in the living room. I have to lie there because Daddy Stephan does not allow me snoring in their bed.

My Cat Wish for Others

I wish for cat pawrents to simply love your cat, no matter what others think about the bond you have with your cat. I mean, we, animals are real and alive, and we should be treated with patience and respect.

I still need to grow my Instagram account, but that will come in time! If you want to lend a paw you can follow me here. Thank you for listening to my story!

Yours Pawserity, Sanji.

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