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A Sneak Peek Into Rebeca’s Life

Rebeca is a seven years old, female cat with an exceptional hunger for life. Despite her innumerable struggles, with help from her pawrent, Bernardo, she has bravely fought through each difficult chapter of her life.

Rebeca and Bernardo’s story begins in Goiás, a charming state located in the West-Center of Brazil. One day Bernardo had the chance of meeting Rebeca in Goiás, where he resides. Nothing could have foreseen their first encounter as it was a day like any other day. Or so they thought. But chance had other plans for them, and Lady Fortuna made Bernardo find Rebeca playing amongst seven other puppies. She was showing no signs of fear or resentment towards her unconventional companions. Rebeca’s bravery intrigued Bernardo, and he eventually adopted her.

Saved from Streets, But Not from Stomatitis

Unfortunately, Rebeca’s zeal in the face of adversity was not enough to spare her from her future health problems. At four months old, Rebeca had low immunity and was infected by micosis. Her repeated fungal infections had caused her to lose almost 80% of her coat.

In addition to her mycosis, Rebeca developed gingivitis and stomatitis. This happened immediately after she got spayed. The pain was so unbearable for the poor little furry baby that Rebeca had to get a complete dental extraction.

Endless pain

After Rebeca had her teeth removed she started to feel better. Soon, she recovered completely and she was a happy and healthy cat for many years. Life is, however, unpredictable. In March 2022, Rebeca was diagnosed with FeLV which stands for (Feline Leukemia Virus).In October of the same year, Rebeca was diagnosed with FIP (Feline infectious Peritonitis).

Given the current situation, Rebeca’s chances of survival are limited. Naturally, Bernardo is doing his best. He needs our help so that Rebeca’s treatment can go smoothly. See also Rebeca's Insta. You can donate here in the mail id which is linked to Bernardo’s PayPal. He is always making sure that she goes to the vet regularly in hopes of treating her FeLV and FIP. For now, all we can do is pray for Rebeca’s health and learn from her and her owner. If more people were as loving and caring as Bernardo, the world would be a better place. His everlasting devotion to Rebeca is inspiring to see in our modern day and age when we all seem too busy to lend a hand to our furry friends.

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