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An Account of a One-Of-A-Kind Friendship Between Cats and Wild Foxes by Sharen

If you think London is all about Big Ben, red telephone booths, and double-decker buses, let us tell you that there's a wild side to this bustling metropolitan city. It is the world of foxes – those fluffy-tailed creatures that usually roam around freely in the wilderness, adapted to urban life rather well. Today, we are thrilled to bring you an inside look into the lives of city foxes through the personal account of Sharen Pledger.

Let’s Get the Story of Sharen’s Foxes Started!

Sharen is a passionate animal lover who lives in London, England. She has always loved animals and currently cares for three cats, two Greek cats named Jim and Jemima, and one Romanian cat named Ebolina. However, Sharen also takes care of a fox named Dave!

It was her experiences caring for a skulk of foxes almost 20 years ago that inspired her to start keeping them as pets alongside her cats. In Sharen's view, skulks can have a maximum of six members during the first six months of the year. No other foxes can join them during those six months. In the other six months, there are only three members - mum, dad, and the handmaiden from last year to help with the cubs which come only once every year.

Sharen loved to watch the foxes thrive when they were given proper care. She took care of everything. The fleas were treated, deworming medications were given as needed, and mites or mange were treated as well.

Meet Dave!

Here's Jim, Jemima and Ebolina!

Clearly, Dave is Now a Pet-Friendly Fox!

Dave is last year's cub, born in March, but he's part of the same generation of foxes that Sharen started caring for 20 years ago. Sharen did her best to look after him. Eventually, Sharen made it comfortable enough for Dave to come around humans, and so Sharen managed to invite him into her house and keep him as her pet.

However, it is understandable that Sharen’s cats were not too pleased about having more animal guests in their house. Sharen told us that, in the beginning, her large Greek cat, Jim, used to hit Dave on the nose and cause him to ball up and sob. As time passed, the cats became more friendly with the fox, and they now all hang out together and play.

Foxes Are Gorgeous and Tiny Folk Who Mean No Harm.

Moreover, while foxes and cats may have some similarities, such as being agile hunters with keen senses of hearing and smell, they are still mammals belonging to the Canidae family, which includes dogs. They have the hardware of a dog but the software of a cat, according to Sharen. Inquisitive young foxes have a tendency to enter houses when they detect the scent of food. Their mouths are small and their hunting skills are lacking.

Sharen explained that foxes are extremely timid and can even get bullied by rabbits. Foxes have a tendency to swipe small household items such as slippers and handbags, which has given them a reputation for being infamous thieves. Nonetheless, foxes are simply humorous tricksters, not terrifying criminals. So, Sharen never worried about Dave killing the neighbor’s chickens because she always made sure he was well-fed.

A Tale of Unlikely Friendships: How Dave Found His Tribe

It is astonishing to witness how Dave developed a friendship with Jim, Jemima and Ebolina throughout the years, and how they became inseparable. Mostly led by Jim, the companions enjoy taking small adventures together. Jim also helps Dave clean up whenever she’s feeling generous.

This is a story of a unique friendship. A friendship between Sharen's cats and foxes, which are usually enemies. Truly, friendship has no boundaries—either in the human or in the animal world.

Readers who may be interested in learning more about Dave, Jim, Jemima and Ebolina's friendship can follow Sharen on her Instagram handle: @sharenpledger.

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