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Animal rights in Spain

While an animal right initiative failed in Basel, Swtizerland - we do want to put the spotlight on Spain

Source: El-Pais

Law change sees pets in Spain considered sentient beings, with welfare taken into account should a couple separate

More reforms are planned for this year, with the government aiming to bring about a shift in citizens’ relationships with animals

Animal protection associations see these reforms as very positive. Nuria Menéndez de Llano, the director of the Observatory for Animal Justice and Defense, which was behind the collection of signatures that preceded the current changes, believes that it is “right for this anachronism to be corrected.” “For them to be recognized as sentient beings is historic,” she continues. “Before they were reduced to the status of a thing, and now the law recognizes them as living things, with the ability to think and feel.”

Among the new measures that are in force from today are regulations over shared custody of animals should a couple separate. For example, a judge will be able to modify the conditions of an animal’s care when necessary, as well as establishing how the costs of the pet should be covered between the two parties, and even deciding on its destination should there be no agreement.

The lawyer points out that with these changes, Spain is following in the footsteps of other European countries – such as France, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal – but with more advanced legislation. “It’s an intense reform, and one that is far reaching.”

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