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Bambou by Scarabee

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

One of the things Dutch cat meowma Sarah loves to do, is making up songs as she is walking around the house and actually also singing them out loud.

Because her house is always being guarded by cats, most of the songs are about them. Now she has two ragdoll cats: Ludo who is five years old, but still looks and behaves like a kitten, and Bambou who is nine years old and a real lady. Bambou has such a gracious and wise presence, she’s really Sarah’s muse - though she loves both her cats equally.

With Bambou’s reserved personality, she sometimes gives Sarah the opportunity to pet her, in all her behavior she is really a ‘cat’. And so, Sarah started to sing Bambou’s theme song out loud at home: “Bambou is een poesje” (Dutch for: Bambou is a pussy cat).

At one point, when Sarah wasn’t home alone and her husband Hugo heard her sing the song about Bambou. He immediately shouted: “Sarah, this is a hit, we should record it!”

Because Hugo is a recording artist (Stippenlift), they went into ‘the studio’ - which was just the microphone for Sarah. She sang that song, created the melody, and her husband composed and produced the music.

Now the song is something they sometimes play at parties at their house. Friends of Sarah and Hugo meanwhile know the song by heart.

One day, the organizer of the Disco Total parties in Amsterdam, Maxime de Waal, came to Sarah’s house to talk about music and stuff. And at some point Hugo blasted ‘Bambou’ from the speakers and Maxime asked: “Do you want to sing this at our next party?”

YES! And so it happened four years ago, Sarah was singing her home-song for hundreds of people, and people were actually singing along (it’s not that difficult to remember) and throughout the years people listened to it on Spotify.

And now, four years later, all of a sudden, the song is rediscovered again, a DJ-duo (The Bakabanas) played it at Lowlands, a big music festival in the Netherlands. Even TV-personality Tim den Besten has played it several times on his Instagram stories, and the aired numbers went up again!

Currently, the song is almost at 3.000 plays. For Sarah’s fans who love the music, she also created merchandise with a T-shirt and a sweater for them to always have Bambou closeby. The earnings go to luxury candy for Bambou (and Ludo).

Bambou is such an inspiration. For instance, Sarah is so happy the song had been played at a wedding becoming a couple’s anthem now. And, she also heard of people naming their cat Bambou too.

Sarah’s message is: If your cat inspires you in some way, don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops!

In the meantime, listen to Bambou on Spotify

And find Bambou’s merchandise here

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