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Black Cats Adoption Story

Updated: Oct 9, 2023

Despite being both black cats, Luna and Ophelia are unrelated. They share, however, the same cat pawrent, Krys, a freelance photographer from Ontario, Canada. She adopted them from the humane society in October 2020, after a lot of hassle.

The shelter where Krys went, tries to avoid giving out for adoption black cats during the month of October. This is all because of superstitions fostered by Halloween traditions. Thus, the workers there were hyper-aware of the possible risks when Krys showed up at their reception to inquire about Luna and Ophelia. Luckily for them, the workers agreed to interview Krys and her partner, Taylor. Realizing that she and her partner were trustworthy people, the humane society proceeded with the adoption process.

Ophelia, who got her name after the adoption, was found on the streets with her mom. Luna, on the other hand, was born in the shelter when her pregnant mom was taken in. Krys and Taylor initially intended to adopt only one cat. Yet, they immediately fell in love with Luna. They spot her after she, woke up from a nap. With a curious face expression Luna came out and greeted them.

Krys and her partner didn’t want to separate the cats as they were the only two left at the shelter, so they decided to adopt them both.

Unfortunately, Luna and Ophelia were quite sick when they brought them home. The shelter told Krys that Luna and Ophelia had all their shots, but that was not true.

So, once Luna and Ophelia got all their shots, their personalities really started to come through. Luna, in particular, is so empathetic and motivated. She fancies cheese and likes climbing Krys’ back to beg for it.

When we interviewed Krys about her cats, she told us: ‘All cats deserve a chance to have a loving family and a safe environment to live’ She further insisted that all cats need a home, especially black cats. She hopes that through this article more people will opt to adopt cats instead of buying pets from shops!

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