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Cat’s in Graceful Hands of Grace Cornelius

Jakarta Stray Cat Rescuer

Find out more about cat rescuer Grace Cornelius from Jakarta, Indonesia. Since 2015, she has become a cat rescuer.

Grace is currently caring for sixteen kittens and over thirty adult cats. She has even given each of them a name. She also knows every one of their names by heart. She still remembers all of the names of the deceased cats and thinks about them regularly. For Grace, every cat has a special place in her soul. 

The Much-Needed Amenities

Grace now needs wet and dry food, especially for the kittens. In addition, cat litter (grit, or sand), as well as medications are needed.

The stories she witnesses everyday while taking care of the cats, are numerous. This keeps Grace going to make the best out of the sometimes financially tiresome situation for her.

Graceful Love for Cats

In her heart, Grace wishes nothing other than to provide the stray cats and kittens with a comfortable home for them and leave the harsh street life behind.

Grace wishes other cat lovers to stay healthy and fit because she sees it as pivotal that other people love cats as much as she does.

You can follow Grace and help her with a donation via her Instagram account.

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