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Catastic Paws: Max, Morris, Cody, Kiwi and Dobby

Today we will present to you the story of five European shorthair cats who are Dutch catfluencers. 

How it all began: Max and Morris

In March 2022, after a visit to an animal center, cat meowmy Kimberly, a two-legged being of 28 years old from Waalwijk, Netherlands, and her partner started longing for a cat.

Kimberly had wanted a cat for some time. Hence, she had the spontaneous idea to go to an animal shelter and get a cat. Once they arrived at the shelter, they were told that there were no cats available for adoption at that time. 

They searched further for shelter cats within a 40-kilometer radius. However, this was in vain. Disappointed, Kimberly and her partner went home without a cat.

On the Dutch e-commerce marketplace website 'Marktplaats' they found an advertisement: “Max and Morris, two eight-month-old cat brothers, are looking for a new home”.  

Shortly after, Kimberly and her partner were back in the car for a drive of about an hour to pick up Max and Morris. They were given all the items the previous caregivers used for caring for Max and Morris, as well as up to a month's worth of cat food.



Next Cats: Cody, Kiwi, and Dobby

In August 2022, Kimberly and her partner were eager to expand their cat family. After all, after adopting two cats, they didn't think one more cat or less mattered. 

The next cat was Cody who lived on a farm. This big ginger was eight weeks old and full of fleas. 

In April 2023, a few months after they welcomed Cody into their house, Kimberly and her partner came across Kiwi on the Internet. This female cat was one year and one month old. She came to Kimberly and her partner with a ringworm condition. She has since fully recovered and now lives happily with her brothers and sisters. 


In October 2023, Kimberly and her partner fell in love again and this time with a 3.5-week-old kitten named Dobby. They did not hesitate for a moment, even when they had to wait for a bit until Dobby finally became part of their household. 

With these five handsome and sweet kitty cats, Kimberly and her partner find their family complete. The nice thing is that each cat, apart from Max and Morris, comes from a different part of the Netherlands.


Cat Characters

The cats each have their own particular characteristics. Max is a big and mostly quiet cuddler. He really loves getting attention from humans. He doesn't really care from whom he gets this attention.

Morris, on the other hand, indicates when he wants to be petted. He likes to run through the house. He also likes to challenge his brothers and sister. Nonetheless, they are not always happy with this. Interestingly, Morris misbehaves only in the company of his family. As soon as strange people come into the house, Morris keeps a low profile. 

Cody characterizes himself as a real red male cat. A bit of a dunce, big in stature, very stubborn at times. He sometimes terrorises and dominates the others. However, at other times he can be the sweetest cat in the house. 

Kiwi is the lady of the bunch and also possesses quite a bit of attitude. When she is fed up with something, you will immediately notice it. She too loves a lot of attention.

At the time of the interview with CatSwoppr, Dobby was still living with his mother cat. Kimberly and her partner were eager to get to know Dobby's character quickly.

Max, Morris, Cody and Kiwi do not like loud noises. These, as with any cat, scare them quite a bit.

Cat Paradise for Catfluencers

Kimberly has transformed her home into a veritable cat play paradise. Everywhere you go, you can see the cats living there. With five cats, it is not surprising that there is plenty to do. This is all very visible on the catfluence Instagram account of Max, Morris, Cody, Kiwi and Dobby.

The cats' ideal day can be described as a combination of lots of sleeping, cuddling with cat meowmy Kimberly, running with zoomies, and of course eating! 

To achieve cat paradise, the five cats do have a tip they would like to give other cats: “Don't make it too easy for your cat meowmy! But be nice to her at times”.

Max, Morris, Cody and Kiwi couldn't wait to welcome their little brother Dobby to cat paradise. He came to live with them on November 18.

The cats and Kimberly and her partner hope to have many more wonderful moments together. They also wish you to be a part of these memories! You can follow them on their Instagram account.

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