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CatFluencers Valor, Mystic, Lugia and Kanto

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Mystic, Valor, Lugia & Kanto | Catfluencer

𝘗𝘰𝘬é 𝘤𝘢𝘵𝘴, 𝘎𝘰𝘵𝘵𝘢 𝘤𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘮 𝘢𝘭𝘭!

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🐈 British Shorthair Cats

🌷 Utrecht, the Netherlands

Meet the Four Dutch National Famous Catfluencers

Cat pawrents, Debbie and Vincent, and their four cats made it to Dutch national television. Based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, they are real catfluencers. Curious to find out what it is like to be a proper catfluencer, we interviewed them.

Their story started five years ago when Debbie and Vincent moved in together. They have always loved cats very much. Their favorite breed is British Shorthair because they love the sweet and cuddly character of these cats. Hence, when they moved in together they decided to get some of their own!

How It All Started

Since they both work full-time, Debbie and Vincent thought it would be wise to get two cats at once so they won’t feel alone. After endless scrolling over advertisement pages, Debbie fell head over heels with Valor’s photograph.

Valor's little brother was also still available. Unfortunately, Valor's little brother died after six weeks after suffering complications from hypoplasia of most of his vital organs.

Fortunately, there was another litter available with one kitten that Valor liked a lot: Mystic. Mystic had seven siblings in total. Nonetheless, Mystic was happy to accept Valor as his eighth sibling. Hence, even if Mystic and Valor are not blood relatives, they developed a close bond over time.

Cat Love Times Four

Valor could not cherish much of his time with his new friend though. His malfunctioning immune system made him prone to numerous illnesses. For example, he developed inflammations on his paws and had to wear a cap several times. Because of this, Mystic no longer came close to Valor, because he thought this cap was annoying.

Debbie and Vincent noticed that Valor was lonely because Mystic didn't want to go out and play much. At a certain moment, Debbie and Vincent came across a picture on Instagram from a cattery of a pregnant cat. It was as if it was meant to be. Debbie had been following this Instagram account for some time and asked if they could get on a waiting list. When the pregnant cat finally gave birth to her cubs, Debbie and Vincent could finally adopt a new cat: Lugia.

Incidentally, Lugia was born in July just like her brothers. While she was born on the 30th of July, Mystic was born on the 11th and Valor on the 13th of July, 2019.

Because of the COVID-19 situation, Debbie and Vincent could not visit Lugia much. The borders were closed and the cattery was in Belgium. When Lugia was old enough, Debbie and Vincent welcomed her into their new apartment. Apart from a few scratches from Valor, she got along well with the other cats. One could say that Lugia was welcomed with open paws. Now, Lugia loves to play with Mystic and groom Valor.

Another year later Vincent and Debbie went back to the cattery where Mystic and Valor came from, because Debbie likes to take pictures of kittens and the cattery had two litters that were ready to be photographed. Vincent came along too and was really intrigued by a certain kitten. In the end, he told Debbie:"I really like that brown/white one!"

The breeder laughed because she saw Vincent’s reaction coming. The nice thing was that that kitten was still available. Thus, Kanto came into Vincent and Debbie's life. Coincidentally, like the other cats, he was also born in July, on the seventh of 2021.

Pokémon Go

The names of three of the four cats pawrented by Debbbie and Vincent are inspired by Pokémon Go. It was through this game that Debbie and Vincent met.

Mystic is part of the team blue, and blue is Vincent's favorite color. Valor is part of the team red, which is Debbie's favorite color.

Lugia has an aunt named Lugia, so secretly she is Lugia Jr. 😂 Kanto is the region with the first 151 Pokémon.

Pretty Odd Eye

Mystic has an odd eye and his fur is all white. He looks a lot like Valor’s brother who was also all white but had two blue eyes.

The other cats don't think this is so special; but Mystic does and considers himself a really pretty boy. He can spend hours checking himself out in the mirror😂

Cat Characters

Valor is the most dominant of the four, so he is the leader of the group. He is very smart, charmingly dressed in his tuxedo He talks a lot, but he is extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions.

Mystic is Debbie and Vincent’s "Vystic" (fish stick = Dutch for Fish Finger). Mystic is clumsy and not very savvy, but he can always make you laugh. He also likes to come and watch you while you are doing chores. What a curious little fellow!

Lugia is the princess of the bunch and she behaves accordingly. Everything has to be done her way and when she wants it. She prefers breakfast in bed. She is a real diva and knows how to hold her own among her “brothers.”

Kanto has a lot of energy. He hardly sleeps and is very social. He behaves more like a Labrador than a cat. He is very curious and always in for attention. It doesn't matter if it is man,animal, or an object; he likes to interact with everything and everyone.

Growing Cat Love

Debbie never used to have cats herself; her father and brother are allergic to cats. Vincent, however, grew up in a household that had cats.

Despite that, Debbie’s love for cats grew quickly once they got their first cat. She told us that she admiresr cats' quirky characters and finds their sweet little heads endearing.


Yet Debbie is not the only one who is so inspired by Mystic, Valor, Kanto and Lugia. Their fans love them to death and they love to create fanart from them. Check here a reel on their Instagram account with the fanart they have received.

Debbie and Vincent's wish for their fans and other cats is that every cat should have a nice, warm home ❤️ They never considered themselves experts, but Debbie and Vincent like to give tips on how to take care of your cat and keep it happy 🥰

Cat Inspired Creativity

Mystic, Valor, Kanto and Lugia are famous because of the photos and videos Debbie takes of them. She is very creative. Debbie used to love to draw portraits when she was young. She is particularly fascinated by the facial features of people and animals.

She also did a lot of photography before she started her studies at the Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht. There she discovered her passion for photography. To expand on her passion, she started the Instagram account for Mystic, Valor, Kanto and Lugia.

Debbie has her own studio, with various wallpapers, a softbox and, of course, her camera, a Nikon z6ii. She uses the 85mm 1.8 the most. The 50mm is still on her wish list. She also has three other lenses, which she uses a little less 🥰.

Photographing cats is an art in itself. For example, cats always have all kinds of weird expressions and poses. It may seem annoying at first, but with patience, one discovers that their spontaneity challenges one’s creativity.😂

Fortunately, Debbie’s cats are well-trained. The cats can do the following commands: Lie, Sit, Down, Stay, Paw, High 5. In addition, they understand the words: Bird, Candy, Food, Kibble, Attention, Inside, Outside, Ball, et cetera, you name it 😂.Furthermore, they react to their name

How To Photograph

When Debbie wants to do a photo shoot, she and Vincent always make sure the cats are at ease. The trick is to get them accustomed to their surroundings and if they want to leave, just let them go and don't stop them.

Debbie and Vincent reward the cats during photoshoots with attention. They pat them on the head, then they cuddle, and they praise them.

Above all, you have to be patient. If your cat is really not in the mood, it's best to reschedule the photoshoot. Remember: this has to be fun for both you and your cat!

Other Catfluencers

Just because Debbie is a catfluencer, does not mean she does not like other catefluencers’ content. In fact, she told us that she follows too many catfluencers to list. In her eyes, every cat account has something fun. She finds it most appealing when a catfluencer’s Instagram page has their own theme.

As catfluencers, Debbie and Vincent get a lot of offers to market products. Products they absolutely do not promote are things that can be harmful to your cat, such as certain combs, toys or food.

For instance, Debbie was asked once to promote a product that involved safety nails for your cat. That's when you put a kind of condom around your cat's nails so the cat won't scratch. Debbie thought that is a cruel product, She strongly believes that cats should enjoy scratching at their heart’s desire. If you don't want that, don't get a cat! added Debbie.


We hope you enjoyed Debbie and Vincent’s story! If you want to see more of Valor, Mystic, Lugia and Kanto you can follow their Instagram Account here!

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