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Cats Video Games That Are Worth Playing!

We cannot deny that some of us love playing video games to kill time or because we love them as a hobby, and people tend to have specific video games that they love to play; it could be action, indie, sandbox, or even RPG games. However, some people prefer to play video games that are considered to be in the ‘time-management’ genre, which could come with a mixture of ‘action’ and ‘mystery’ and even ‘adventure’ types of games. This genre is great for people who love to kill time, challenge themselves or prefer to be all relaxed. As a cat lover, you would not believe the video games out there that contain cats! Here are my top 5 video games that you should play, in which you can interact with your video game version of your cat or play as them:

  1. Stray

Stray is a video game where you can play as a cat, that takes time in the future. It is an open world and the environment is cyberpunk-like. As a player, your objective is to find your way back to your owner in the world that is populated with robots. This game contains puzzles, obstacles, and some traversing platforms. Although you are playing

as a cat, do not worry, you are not going solo on your adventure. You get a drone companion named B12 that will accompany you through your journey to find your way back to your owner!

This game will be released this year, and it will be available for Microsoft Windows, PS4, and PS5.

2. Cat Cafe Manager

If you are the type of person who loves relaxing video games where you can build and expand your own business to the next level, this is the perfect video game for you! It is a video game where you, as the player, are taking care of the cat cafe business that your grandmother left you, and your main objective is to expand the cat cafe business to the next level by renovating the cat cafe, befriending the local folks to understand what they want or what they expect from your cat cafe, and unraveling the cat mystery. Maybe you can even create a forever home for the cats who need it! This game is available for Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Windows.

3. BlackSad: Under The Skin

Don't you ever wonder what it will be like to live in a classic noir time such as in the 50s, but as a cat? Are you a person who loves to unravel mysteries as a detective? Then this is the perfect game for you! In this game, you get to play as a detective cat named John Blacksad, and your main objective is to unravel a case about a corruption scandal that has been going on for a while in the heart of New York. It is your time to help New York recover from this ongoing corruption! This game is available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and

Classic MacOS.

4. Monster Hunter: World

If you are a big fan of Dinosaurs or Jurassic park and wondered how it is to live in their time or to hunt a monster like that, while being accompanied by your cats, then look no further. In this game, you get to create your own hunter character, as well as create the feline company that will go and helps you through the journey of hunting the dinosaurs.

And while you are hunting monsters, your feline friend will help you track the monster, fight the monster, set a trap, or heal you when you are low! This game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

5. Little Kitty, Big City

This game comes out this year, and you get to play as a curious little kitty that lives in the big city, while also having a BIG PERSONALITY! the main objective is to find your way back home while exploring the city. Even when you play as a cat you get to make friends while exploring and even customize your cat; such as making them wear hats while causing a bit of chaos! This game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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