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Cute Mur = Purr; A Young Story of Kazakh Furrlove

Today we feature the story of Murka and her teenage pawrent Asylai (17 years old) from Atyrau, Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

Murka is a tiny and adorable kitten. She came into Asylai’s life on September 24, 2022, when she found her on the streets of a small town in the western part of Kazakhstan.

Mur = Purr

It was love at first sight. On a random day in September, Asylai was walking in her neighbourhood when Murka ran right up to Asylai without any hesitation. She knew then that she needed to take Murka home. She could not resist the energy of the three-months-old kitten.

Asylai named her Murka because“Mur” means “purr" in Russian, She added the suffix “ka” to her name because in her eyes it purrfectly captures the kitten's small and cute demeanour, as she purrs like a little engine.

Sheer Cute Intelligence of the Cat

From the very beginning, Murka proved to be an intelligent and obedient kitten. In just four days, she learned to use the litter box.

One interesting fact about Murka is her love for water. She is not afraid of showers at all. Moreover, she also enjoys going for walks on a leash, and together with Asylai, she explores the parks of Atyrau.

Murka’s curiosity knows no bounds as she fearlessly climbs trees, examines everything in her path, and darts around green fields.

Moments to Cherish

Almost a year has passed since Murka and Asylai first met in September 2022. Yet, Asylai feels like she has known Murka her entire life.

Being Asylai’s first pet, Murka holds a special place in her heart. Asylai acknowledges that the presence of the cat in her house makes her more kind and calm.

Murka does not trust everyone. Hence when she displays affectionate and playful behaviour towards Asylai, the teenager feels cherished and valued.

The bond the two share is extraordinary, and Asylai feels grateful for every moment she spends with her.

Asylai finds comfort and solace in the presence of her beloved cat. Her companionship has enriched Asylai’s life in ways she could never have imagined.

She genuinely wishes that everyone can experience the unconditional love of a cat just as she does with Murka.

Love and Patience are the Key to a Cat’s Heart

Asylai emphasizes that adopting a cat from the street or shelter always comes with its own set of challenges and rewards.

These cats may have had rough beginnings or difficult experiences, but with your love, patience, and understanding, you have the power to change their lives for the better.

If you need more convincing to adopt a cat, you can check how much fun these two have on Murka’s Instagram account.

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