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Cyl's Family of 10 Cats

Hey there, fellow cat lovers! I'm Cyrilla, one of the creative minds behind the CatSwoppr socials, hailing all the way from Bekasi, Indonesia! As part of the CatSwoppr family, my love for cats knows no bounds. That's why I'm super excited to share the stories of my ten furry companions with all of you! Because let's be real, these fur babies deserve all the love and attention in the world, am I right? Let's dive into some purr-fectly adorable tales together!

How It All Began

Back in 2020, with everyone confined to their own spaces due to COVID-19 regulations, life took an unexpected turn. While my parents were away in the UK for a couple of years, I found myself living with my aunt. To brighten up our home, she decided to adopt a kitten from her friend. That's how Dongi came into our lives!

Now, you might be wondering about her name—Dongi. Well, it's based on the Korean word "동," which translates to something a little funny in English. But hey, it adds to her charm, right? Dongi is the epitome of elegance, with impeccable manners and a gentle disposition. Just take a look at her picture! She's not only stunning but also incredibly playful, blending grace with a dash of mischief.

While I may not be super close to Dongi, we still manage to spend some quality time together, making memories and enjoying each other's company. Who knew a little feline friend could bring so much joy into our lives?

(Dongi on top of my Father’s old Vespa)

When Dongi joined our family, my parents, who were abroad thought it'd be nice for him to have a companion. They decided to get a kitten, and my aunt brought him home. My dad, feeling inspired, named him "Boris Johnson," after the former UK Prime Minister. However, Boris arrived with some health issues from his previous owner. We nursed him back to health; thankfully, he bounced back within a few months!

Boris has turned out to be quite the gentleman. He loves to cosy up on people's laps, especially mine. Even when there's a tempting chicken thigh in front of him, he's content just being near me. What a distinguished little guy!

(Boris Johnson)

Family Grew Bigger!

Over the past year, something amazing happened: Dongi became best buds with my aunty, while Boris decided I was his favourite human! As their friendship blossomed, Dongi and Boris fell head over tails in love, and voila! They became proud parents to four adorable kittens!

(The Johnson’s Kids)

We hit the jackpot when all five of them made it through the birthing process in good health! It's funny how they all look so similar.Thus, you may be wondering how on earth  we tell them apart and give them names. Let me break it down for you, starting with each one's unique personality!

First up is Maru, named after the character Benimaru from the Tensura anime (I was feeling a bit nostalgic since I'm the firstborn too!). He's got a pristine white coat and inherited his dad's honey-colored eyes. When Maru was a kitten, he was super clingy to me, but now he's all about solo adventures around the house. Just a heads up, our furballs are strictly indoor kitties. We're paranoid about them getting lost or catching nasty bugs.

Next in line is Benji, named by my aunt for unknown reasons (but hey, it suits him perfectly!). Benji rocks a snowy white fur coat and has the most unique feature—two different eye colors! Unfortunately, he was born with a hearing issue, so calling out to him is like talking to a brick wall. Unlike his siblings, Benji is a bit of a loner. He's not big on cuddles or mingling with the crowd, but he's surprisingly chill and cooperative when it comes to taking his meds. And guess what? He's a foodie just like his old man! You'll often find him chilling on the chair next to me during mealtime, patiently waiting for some love and attention. Yep, I'm the lucky exception to his "no touch" rule. Despite his aloofness, Benji has a soft spot for me and is usually the first to cosy up on my lap.

(Benji accompanying me in the middle of the night)

Let me introduce you to the third member of our furry family, Loki! My mom named him after the mischievous character from the Avengers, Loki the God of Mischief. Despite his namesake, Loki is quite the opposite—he has pristine white fur and stunning light blue eyes, just like his mom's. It's adorable how he's named after the God of Mischief when he's such a well-behaved boy! He's incredibly calm and composed, never causing any mischief in our home. However, Loki isn't shy about vocalizing his needs; he's quite the chatterbox when he wants something, ensuring we understand him perfectly.

And last but not least, we have the youngest member of our fur squad, Kai! He bears a striking resemblance to his father, with his mixed-colored fur and matching eye color. Kai was always the cheerful one. He can beoften found playing with his sibling Maru. He has quite the appetite and quickly grew to almost the same size as his big father! Initially, Kai was the most attached of the four siblings, but as he entered his teenage years, he became less clingy. It's a bit bittersweet, but we understand it's all part of growing up and finding his independence.

(From left to right: Dongi, Loki, Benji, Maru, Kai) *poor Benji got his whiskers cut off by my little sister :(

When my parents returned to Indonesia after some time, we stumbled upon a fascinating fair at the mall, showcasing a diverse array of animals. It was there that my mom's heart was stolen by a three-coloured kitten, and she just had to bring her home. Inspired by Indonesian celebrity Krisdayanti, my mom named her Yanti. Yanti is truly unique, sporting big eyes, a small jaw, and a tiny mouth. She even has a fur spot near her mouth that resembles a cute little mole. Unfortunately, when we first brought her home, she was in rough shape, battling a dangerous virus that caused her fur to fall out in multiple places. But with our love and care, Yanti made a remarkable recovery. Today, she's the picture of health and happiness, and she's become incredibly attached to our family, sticking to us like glue!


It felt like our family was already complete, but everything changed when my little sister, a true cat lover, brought home a stray cat from her elementary school! We named him Ari Wibowo, after an Indonesian actor with the same name, but we affectionately call him Ari or Bowo for short. Let me tell you, Bowo is a bundle of energy! He adores getting pets and is incredibly clingy. However, if you take too long to lavish him with attention, he'll start playfully nibbling on you. Unfortunately, since Bowo didn't receive proper training, his bites can be a bit too enthusiastic at times. It might sting a little, but we know he means well and is just showing his affection in his own unique way!

(Bowo wants to get picked up)

Since Bowo joined our family, I embarked on a journey to the Netherlands for my double degree, where I also joined the Catswoppr team for my internship and graduation project. However, this year, I had to return to Indonesia for medical treatment that wasn't available in the Netherlands. Upon my return, I was greeted by two new furry additions to our family. It turns out, my little sister brought them home from her school—a mother and her son.

My mom decided to name the mother cat Lana, after the talented singer Lana Del Rey, while my sister named the son Boba, after her favourite beverage. Lana is quite an introvert; she's shy and easily frightened. She prefers to keep to herself and isn't too keen on making friends with the other cats in our home. Thankfully, their interactions are mostly harmless, with only minor scuffles now and then. Lana has a unique affinity for her cage, even though we've brought her inside after her vet visits. She has a habit of scratching anything made of fabric, from clothes to carpets—quite the quirky character!

(Lana Del Rey)


On the other hand, Boba is the ultimate cuddle bug and a ray of sunshine! This cheerful feline is all about human touch and spreading love through kisses. Picture this: every time someone in our family strolls around the house, Boba makes his move, eagerly seeking attention and affection. With his stunning green eyes and a coat that matches his mom's, Boba is anything but shy. In fact, he boldly approached me the first time we met, showering me with kisses and stealing my heart instantly!


At long last, our family is whole with ten fabulous felines and our darling daughter Cassie, the sugar glider! We're absolutely loving every moment, even though it can be quite the juggle to care for ten cats, each with their own unique personalities. It's like running a furry circus! But hey, we wouldn't have it any other way. From playful purrs to mischievous meows, our home is filled with endless love and laughter.

Being the Oldest Sister

My friends often ask me how it feels to have so many cats at home. Well, let me tell you, I absolutely adore cats, and luckily, so does my whole family. Taking care of a bunch of furry friends can be tough, especially when they're sick or need to visit the vet, but the love they give us makes it all worth it.

Here's a fun fact: I actually have a cat allergy! Yep, you heard that right. So, after playing with my cats, I'll be sneezing up a storm for the next 30 minutes. But you know what? It's totally worth it. I'll always take the risk to cuddle up with my cats and shower them with love!

Our Family Wish for All the Cats Around the World

In our family, cats hold a special place in our hearts, especially for my mom. Her love for them knows no bounds! She's there with food and affection whenever stray cats visit our front yard, making sure they feel welcomed and cared for. Even during our walks, she never misses a chance to shower love on any feline friend we come across. It's truly heartwarming to see her dedication to helping these furry creatures.

We believe that spreading love to all cats, regardless of ownership, is something everyone can do. Even if you're unable to provide direct care or assistance, a simple act of kindness towards a cat can make a world of difference. So, to all the cat lovers out there, let's join hands in showing love and compassion to every furry friend we encounter! Follow us on our CatSwoppr Instagram account!

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