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Daisy’s Lazy Days in Fiji

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Ever wanted to inspire other cat lovers with your unique cat story? Receive our help in spreading the word about your furry companion. We, from CatSwoppr, believe in the power of cats. Every cat is worth telling their story. Since time immemorial, cats have brought and still bring into our human lives so much joy, relief and happiness. We should be eternally thankful for their existence.

Global Cat PR Agency

Until now, we have helped amplify the voice of cats from various countries like Ireland, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, Brazil, Turkey, Kenya, The Netherlands, Pakistan, you name it! We are truly global in our operations as a sort of 21st Century Cat PR Agency.

So, that is why it is far from surprising for us to report the story of the female cat Daisy from Suva City, Central Division on the island of Fiji. Yes that’s right, today’s cat story comes all the way from an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceania in the South Pacific Ocean, which lies about 1,100 nautical miles (2,000 km; 1,300 mi) north-northeast of New Zealand.

Daisy the Cat from Fiji

Before Daisy entered into the lives of her cat pawrents, her caregivers had just lost their cat Angel to cancer. They were healing slowly from this mournful and tragic event and in hindsight, Daisy’s pawrents have always felt that Angel sent Daisy to look after them by giving them new joy and finding renewed meaning in life.

One day in 2021, Daisy simply showed up at their house. That was a sort of magical moment for them, feeling deeply connected to a cat they have never seen before. It was almost as if they had met her in a past lifetime. Back then, Daisy was still a stray cat with no traceable background whatsoever. It was only through a vet that her cat pawrents found out Daisy’s age. She is around five years old and will turn six in November.

Playful Photogenic Tabby

You might think, “oh Fiji sounds awesome, I want to be outside on the beach too”, but that is not per se the case for Daisy. Though she is a very playful tabby cat and likes being outdoors, she prefers playing inside the house with her toys, and of course, taking a lot of naps in between her playtime.

In the meantime, Paayal Pritika Devi, the daughter of Daisy’s cat mom Shanaya Devi, takes a lot of pictures and shoots videos of Daisy for Daisy’s Instagram and TikTok page. By doing so, Paayal Pritika and her mom Shanaya share a lot of their purrecious memories with Daisy with the outside world. From Christmas to her birthday and Valentine’s day, they post everything online! Daisy is really the baby of the house and brightens everybody’s life on any bad day.

Morning and Afternoon Walks

To keep Daisy in shape, (or rather Shanaya), Daisy and her mom Shanaya always go for morning and afternoon walks. Daisy’s favorite activities include rolling in the dirt and eating grass while sitting under the trees. To protect Daisy from the dangers of the street, Shanaya prefers to walk her on a leash. That way Daisy will not run away if she gets scared.

Advice for Outside Strolls

In fact, Shanaya strongly advises other cat pawrents to always use a leash for outside strolls and to be aware of the cat’s needs. Try to get to know what your cat likes and dislikes, so you could ideally anticipate their reactions. For example, it is good to be prepared when coming across dogs or other animals which your cat perhaps does not feel comfortable around. The best is to always do morning and afternoon walks, as there are less people and/or animals on the streets.

Video Fun with Daisy

Recently, Daisy’s cat pawrents started a TikTok account next to her Instagram account to pay homage to her inner beauty. The idea was to have fun with Daisy while making new friends and showing the world how cute and adorable she is. Jokingly, her pawrents told us that they do not make any money via Daisy’s TikTok or Instagram yet. Nevertheless, they shower Daisy on a daily basis with a lot of treats, kisses and cuddles. She often receives new toys too!

A tip that Daisy’s “sister,” Paayal Pritika, wants to share with other cat lovers who make or have ambitions to make content about their cat, is to be patient with your fur baby. They are still tiny predators at heart; therefore, cats are not wired to stand still and pose for cameras. Just work with what the cat allows you to and have funwhile shooting. Remember, it is not about you, rather, it is about your cat. And yes, you will be corrupted to feed your cat more frequently as filming will be less hard when you have treats in your pocket to bribe your cat into following your directions.

Do-It-Yourself Bow Tie

Daisy’s cat mom, Shanaya makes the bow ties which Daisy wears every day. For instance, her meowma made Daisy’s Valentine Day’s collar a special red and white one with hearts. She made it by printing a collar pattern. After she assembled it, she decorated it with heart stickers and a cute heart pendant.

The other accessories which can be seen worn by Daisy are a red bow tie and a green collar with Daisy’s name tag, Daisy’s cat meowmy opted for a green color because green complements Daisy’s eyes.

Share Your Story!

Did you like reading about Daisy? Why not read about yourself next? If you want your cat to be featured on our site and on our socials, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We work for you as a global Cat PR Agency. Send us now a DM via our Instagram, or fill out the form on the CatSwoppr website. Our advertising services are completely free of charge!

Hope you enjoyed Daisy’s cat story and we cannot wait to share your unique cat story! Thanks, suki and team CatSwoppr.

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