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Deaf stray kitten finds its forever home

How can a deaf cat survive the harsh and cruel conditions of living in the streets? Well, most of the time they do not, and when they do it is out of pure luck!

My cat, Beethoven, was one of the lucky ones. He is a majestic white cat that came into my hands at almost three months old from the streets of Greece. He already had a broken tail, was full of fleas, and had a skin condition. Τhese are just some of the difficulties that these animals have to cope with every day. Aside from that, Beethoven is also a deaf cat. Living in a dangerous environment, such as the streets of a big city, would have been a real survival challenge for him. It is a real miracle to me that such a small and helpless creature made it that far living on its own. This is exactly what makes him so special and makes me want to give him the best life that he can have.

When I first held this small little kitten, which he was at the time, I didn't actually think that he would not want to leave my side from that moment on. Because he had such a desperate need for love and protection, he felt he had no other choice than to let himself feel safe, comfortable and of course, trust me.Trust is what these unlucky animals hope to find the most and it is a privilege, not the rule.

Living with him, of course, is an everyday challenge. The white color of his coat is the characteristic that genetically affects his hearing and that means that he was born deaf. Deaf cats tend to meow louder than usual. This happens because they cannot perceive the volume of their own voice. Believe me— this can be both very annoying, but also very funny! Do you want to wake up every morning with screams? Get a deaf cat. You want an animal that expresses with pure passion its hunger whenever it is feeding time? Get a deaf cat. Αnd some earplugs. If you want a cat that will make you so creative and stimulate your senses when it comes to communicating and talking to them is not an option, well then you know which cat you should get!

Adopting this kitten, saving him from his ugly fate, changed my life. There are moments where I really feel the struggle, as if I cannot cope with the difficulties anymore. There are moments that I look at him and think to myself, how can one creature bring so much joy in someone’s life? It is all part of the journey. The beauty of having to share your days with them. Thinking back and taking into account the decisions I made, if I had to choose between adopting a street animal or leaving it on its own, I would make the same choice again and again.

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