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Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Game nostalgia. I remember playing this game at the house of a neighborhood kid whose father happened to own a Super VGA computer. Alley Cat.

It was a pure sensation for an avid cat-loving boy to control Freddy the Cat. Especially the bright cyan and bright magenta colors added to the magic. Simply because at home a dull CGA monochrome green was the standard.

Back in the days, I was - and still am today - not a good gamer. Therefore, pressing a skill level other than (K)itten – for example the (H)ouse cat, (T)omcat, or (A)lley cat – never came to mind. Even an easy jump from the trash cans onto the tall fence into the clotheslines was a hassle. Finally hanging on, stress increased by trying to avoid getting hit by a flying shoe or phone. Then, a short sense of relief and victory when entering a room through one of the windows.

The room which frustrated me the most was the one with the fishbowl. Diving for fishes, coming up for air, dodging electric eels, what a difficult task. The one which I really liked visually was the room with the birdcage. The huge chunk of cheese was somewhat off-beat, yet easy to play. But not as simple as the bookshelf with three plants which you had to knock off. And there was this room full of sleeping dogs with their dishes in front of them to empty.

When completing a room challenge, the window with your valentine pussy cat awaits. Mating can start after reaching the top row, maneuvering bottom up around other cats, and shooting arrows.

My all-time high score? Well, I am still trying to finish that fishbowl challenge…


Alley Cat is a computer game created by Bill Williams and released by Synapse Software for the Atari 8-bit family in 1983, and for the PC in 1984.

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