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Does Cat Understand Human Language?

In daily life, we always try to communicate with our cats whether by trying to mimic their language with ‘meow’-ing or trying to talk with them with our everyday languages. But, have you ever wondered if they understand what we're saying? when we say “I love you”, “You’re a good cat”, or “do you want some treats?” to them.

According to scientists and researchers, cat only understands their humans when they call their names, they recognized by hearing the familiarity of their human voice. When you try to call their name, they change their behavior such as their ear movement and head movement, rather than through communicating behavior such as trying to respond with a “meow” back to their human. However, when you try to communicate with them and if they ignore you it does not mean that they do not understand you or more likely do not recognize you, it is because cats lack the cognitive skills to interpret human language, unlike dogs. But! do not worry! they still recognize you when you are trying to talk to them.

To put it on an easier understanding cats comprehend human language in the same way that we understand meowing or it’s a similar situation where you try to interpret their behavior through their body language such as; when they are arching their back, wiggling their tails, or when they are giving you eye contact when you are having a talk with them.

If you have a question in mind such as

“how do I communicate with my cat if he/she does not respond to me?”.

The answer is to communicate as you usually do with your cats it's just you have to understand that it is because cats have not been domesticated to obey human orders such as dogs, next time when you try to call your cat by meowing to get their reaction or by calling their name and they did not respond, do not take it personally, that is just their independent spirit!

(Illustration of the connection between human and their cat)

To improve communication skills between you and your cat, we would like to recommend you to interact regularly using positive vocalization such as speaking in an upbeat tone of voice, it will create and reinforce the bond between you two! although we do not speak the same language or show the same body language as cats there is no denying the special relationship between pawrents and their cats!

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