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FIP in Turkey: Lucky’s Story

CatSwoppr has gotten in touch with several cat pawrents who are raising funds against FIP (Feline Coronavirus). The fatal disease is common amongst street cats and is severely contagious. It often begins in the intestinal tract and can be spread through interaction between cats, often in a non-sterile environment with cats with weaker immune systems. While it can be treated by strengthening the immune system, medication is expensive and can cost up to 120 euros per dose. FIP has been particularly rampant amongst cats in Turkey.

Lucky’s Battle with FIP

Lucky (Şanslı) is among the cats in Turkey which were affected by FIP. Lucky’s parent met him while feeding cats on the street in Turkey. His parent believed he was abandoned on the street because he was ill. He was about four months old, very small, and too sick to eat. He was unable to walk, as his hind legs were very weak. His parent took him to the vet, where his blood was drawn and Lucky was diagnosed with fatal FIP.

Lucky’s FIP treatment began, but as the medication was coming in from abroad, Lucky’s owner was unable to cover the cost by themselves. Unfortunately, Lucky was unable to complete his treatment and passed away.

How can you help?

Lucky’s parent continues to raise funds to treat cats with FIP in Turkey. You can support them by following their journey on Instagram at @fip_cesur, or by donating to their Paypal.

In addition to this, if you are interested in supporting the fight against FIP you can find a general fundraiser for cats in Turkey with FIP here.

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