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Freya the Fluff - The Story of a Catfluencer

From Foster Pawrent to a Furrever Home 🏡

Freya, a brave, adventurous, and independent feline, lives in Michigan, USA, with her loving pawrents Danielle and Joel. Her journey began when they met her foster parent at a pet store. Despite the long drive, Freya's excitement was palpable as she eagerly explored her new surroundings upon arrival. She wasted no time in displaying her affectionate nature, leaning against her new Meowmy Danielle for pets. Danielle and Joel were equally thrilled to welcome her into their family.

Daily Purriness 🐾

One of Freya's endearing habits that never fails to brighten her pawrents' day is her penchant for riding on Danielle's shoulder during her morning routine. Additionally, her tiny meows never fail to bring smiles to their faces.

While Freya can’t recall a specific difficult situation, she mentions that her bond with her pawrents has strengthened through various training sessions, including harness/leash and backpack training, as well as learning tricks. These activities not only have been enriching their bond but also are showcasing Freya's intelligence and willingness to interact with her hoomans.


Doggo Bro Kayden 🦮

In addition to her close relationship with Danielle and Joel, Freya shares a special bond with her doggo brother, Kayden. Together, they enjoy observing the world through the house windows and going on car rides. When they are out adventuring, and, if Freya falls behind, Kayden will always stop and wait for her to catch up.

Furriends Paris and Dori 😻

Freya also has feline friends, kitties Paris and Dori. The latter is Freya’s bestie girl, and they love to groom each other and wrestle. Paris and Freya are zoomie buddies, they love energetically running up and down the house chasing each other.

Catfluencer for Life 💡

As a catfluencer, Freya finds joy in being able to work from home with her Meowmy sharing her adventures with her followers. Being a catfluencer is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

The tip she has for aspiring catfluencers is to be picky with what brands you work with. Freya only works with brands which she and her pawrents truly stand behind. After all, you want your followers to be able to trust you with the brands you are promoting.

Another tip is to know your worth. Producing high-quality content involves a lot of your time. Emailing back and forth with the brands, sending concept ideas, filming and editing the content, sending in the draft, writing a caption, posting, and managing post engagement.

You don't have to have a ton of followers to start setting a rate for your content. There are many rate calculators out there that can help you figure out where to start! Also, make yourself a media kit (Freya recommends using Canva to make one). You can send this kit to brands when sending in your rates!      

Fluffy COI Gratitude 🙏

Freya concludes by expressing her gratitude for being part of the cat Community on Instagram and relishes the opportunity to share her stories and connect with fellow cat lovers around the world.

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