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Friday The Street Fighter Who Is Trying to Find Furever Home

Updated: Oct 28, 2022


(Friday the street fighter)


Hello, pawrents, cat community, and readers. I would like to introduce you to Friday a white beautiful senior cat who was found around the minimarket area near his foster mom's house in Indonesia. His foster mom, Indri, has always been actively taking care of the stray cats by doing street feeding around her neighborhood. And, the first time she found Friday, his condition was already in a bad shape and he does not look really healthy or even fit, scars and wounds were all around his body. Days go by and Friday's condition was not getting any better ended up that he cannot open or move both of his eyes and he was also having trouble breathing due to the flu he have.

As a foster mom, Indri is trying her best to collect funds in order to be able to get better treatment for Friday such as; taking him to the vet, getting his health checked up, getting him dewormed, and/or preparing for vaccination. And, before she decided to take him to the vet and take him in, financially speaking it was unstable which led to her being unsure if she is able to take him in or not. The final decision that she made was to take him in and also find people who are willing to help Friday with the treatment sincerely.

Luckily, everyone cares about Friday, and the fundraising that she held was successful, and she is able to take him to the vet. The vet told her what condition was Friday in and the vet diagnosed him that Friday has lots of fleas and heavy flu, the vet also had to do a blood test on him as well to see if there are any other diseases that Friday have, now it is not recommended since he is still not in a good shape. However, right now the main focus is to help Friday recover from the flu that led to him having eye infections.

(Friday on his treatment)

Overall, the treatment goes really well, his eye infections healed and his flu is getting better as well. However, his digestion is still not in a good condition which led to him having diarrhea and often peeing. Hopefully, with other support as well he will manage to do his blood test, be neutered, vaccinated, and get rid of his flea. Friday is also looking for a new home to give him a second chance, regarding the neutered and vaccination it will be done after he is fully recovered into a beautiful cat.

Dear pawrents, cat community, and reader. If you’re interested in adopting Friday do not hesitate to contact his foster mom, Indri, through Instagram @sumomo_chan and also help to spread and share this message, by helping to share this message or blog it means you’re contributing to help Indri and her friends and family to help those cats who are in need. Ps. read also the story about Fiu Fiu from Málaga in Spain who is looking for a new furever home

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