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Friday Update For Friday!


(Friday current condition and ready for adoption)


Hello, everyone! Do you still remember me? It’s me Friday, the beautiful white senior cat from Indonesia! I want to keep you guys updated on how I am doing now. As you all know, my foster mom Indri (@sumomochan), found me in front of the minimarket near her house Tangerang. Given my condition back then, she decided to take me in and take care of me. After receiving proper treatment from the veterinary clinic, I also had the chance to receive support from wonderful people including the team of CatSwoppr. I was so happy when CatSwoppr sent me a small package of gastro food, vitamins, and some meds. All this support allowed me to recover well! Even my personality underwent change! I recall that I used to be silent in my cage during my treatment, but now, I have become more active and cheery! I am also vocal at certain times since I miss my foster mom when she is not around. As a fully recovered cat, my foster mum says that I am finally open for adoption. I cannot wait to be in my new furever home and find my new family who will cherish, love, and play with me. If you are interested in adopting me then you should know that I am already fully vaccinated, dewormed, and neutered.

For more information, you can contact my foster mom through her Instagram @sumomochan. I will be waiting for you, my future family, and my furever home.



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