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Give Back to Cats!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Shaken not Purred. As a child, I was fascinated by the supervillains in the Bond movies and their quirky schemes for world domination. I never understood why SPECTRE boss Blofeld always had that white Persian cat on his lap. Do you? It looked slick anyway. Like the archenemy of 007, we from Catswoppr strive for world domination too (BWA HA HA), yet only on a more pawsitive note. Contrary to Blofeld, our vision is that Real wealth is not measured by what you have, but by what you give. And boy, do we wanne give!

For 10,000 years cats have been giving us humans their love, comfort and joy. So, now it’s time to give back and show our gratitude. Befurr releasing the very first of many jaw droppin’ curated cat-related services which help you to Bond even more with your cat or the cats you love, we try to build more critical mass. Yes, no hidden schemes here. We actually need you!

By joining our community of cat people, you will soon get access to our wonderful cat-tech innovations. Yeah, you sceptic cat we know, cats lead people and not the other way around. But consider this, what is more pleasing to do for your cat than treat his or her royal majesty with some extras?

For now, be inspired by other cat lovers on our blog. For example, Sarah shares some nice practical tips and tricks for DIY cat snack rolls. Dr. Rudyard sketches a cultural history of cats as panacea. Blophos tells a personal poetic heartwarming tale about Ben and Johanna. Magnus links to calming music for cats. Kittery Films (or kittery_films) mixes some video art with kitties in it. And there is much more!

Join us and share your story to support cat people in their love and care for cats!

On behalf of the Catswoppr Team,

Yours furrly,


CEO (Cat Executive Officer) Catswoppr

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