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Gojo and Zozo – Two Lovely Furr Balls from Islamabad, Pakistan

Ghoshi and her Manga Boys

Meet male cats Gojo and Zozo, as well as their cat mom Ghoshi Ch from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Tabby Zozo is about five months old, and white cat Gojo is roughly a year and a half. An animated character from the Japanese anime Jujutsu Kaisen served as the inspirationfor the name Gojo. Zozo's name originates from the character Roronoa Zoro in the manga series One Piece. 

A Former Stray and a Youngster

Ghoshi's parents adopted Gojo, a stray cat. Since her parents looked after Zozo's mother, Mano, Ghoshi also became Zozo's cat mom.

Gojo is an extremely well-behaved and serene cat. Zozo, on the other hand, is a real pest because, unlike Gojo, who is always asleep, Zozo has zoomies and is constantly rushing about the home. 

The two male cats get along great. Gojo was the first cat to be adopted, and since he is such a calm and amiable cat, it didn't take him long to accept Zozo after he got used to his smell. 

Playtime Double the Fun

Together they beg for food all day long and play with toys frequently. The two whisker heroes are mainly to be found inside Ghoshi’s house. When Gojo decides to venture outside, (as his stray cat genes are strong) he will always come back home. Zozo, by contrast, never sets a paw beyond the front door. 

Playtime with their mother cat, Ghoshi, is one of Gojo and Zozo's favorite everyday activities. The two mischievous cats like to annoy their mother until she wakes up to get food. Zozo and Gojo both prefer chicken and meat to cat food. Regarding the toys, Gojo only plays with a few, but Zozo enjoys chasing after anything that moves.

Love to All Street Cats

As a message to the international cat community, Gojo and Zozo would like to spread love to all abandoned cats and stray cats out there in the world. Gojo and Zozo are hopeful that these kitties will find a home very soon.

You can follow Gojo and Zozo on their Instagram account.

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