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Hello, My Name is Strawberry Pancake the Cat!

From Foster Kitty to Being Adopted

Hello cat enthusiasts! I am Strawberry Pancake, a female cat from SoCal (South California), USA.  My cat meowm doesn't have a lot of background information on me before I came to the shelter and subsequently to her. I was the very first foster assigned to her, and it was also her first time taking care of a pet! 

My foster mate Andy and I were underweight when we were placed into the shelter as solitary cats without siblings.

Back then, my meowm assisted the shelter in ensuring we put on adequate weight to be spayed and placed for adoption.

When it was time to return me to the shelter, my meowm, as it turned out, just could not bear to let go of me. She was sobbing uncontrollably on the way to the shelter. She wanted to adopt me there and then. 

The problem was that she had a flight to catch across the country the next day, so it was a bit of bad timing. In the end, my meowm's partner cancelled his flight in order to adopt me. It seemed as though everything was set up for them by the universe to have me in their lives.

Pancake’s Name

The shelter actually gave me the name Strawberry Pancake… My foster buddy Andy and I were partnered up, and my name was so much more odd and absurd than his, so my pawrents found that hilarious. 

My personality is completely different from Andy's. My cat meowm reasoned that my name, Strawberry Pancake, would most certainly not be retained by whoever decided to adopt me in the future. Yet as you know, this all didn’t happen anyway, as I snuck into her heart and never left!! And since she got used to calling me Pancake while fostering me, I’m keeping this name forever now! 

My Loveable Purrsonality

My pawrents said that because I was so inquisitive and enjoyed exploring, I stood out to them. At the time, I was also particularly attached to people rather than my foster buddy Andy, and I preferred talking with my pawrents and begging for their attention than playing with Andy! They adore lively and goofy nature!

I recently turned one year old on May 1st of this year. My meowm believes that seeing me mature and discover my inquisitive personality has been like a whirlwind of joy. She and her partner (my cat dad) love learning more about me and watching me constantly experience new things!! They love me so much and like sharing snippets of my life with all of their online friends, even though they view me as a strange cat that never covers my own poop and never meows.

Learning from Me

As my pawrents never had a pet before, they received a training manual from the shelter. They also received plenty of supplies from the shelter. Still, they had to learn a lot about me through sheer experience! 

Meowm was also nervous about a lot of things because she wasn’t sure what normal kitty behavior looked like and what not. She had to do all sorts of research about why I wasn’t covering my poop, whether Andy and I were play-fighting too hard, why I kept accidentally stepping in my poop, how to safely cut our nails, and how to read our body language!

She even reached out to the foster care specialists about concerns over a big belly in case it was bloating, but we just had a full tummy, full of yummy food and we were purrfectly happy! 

Meowm weighed daily to make sure we were growing and we were still eating and playing, it was all good! 

When I started exploring the house and getting very curious about the world, my pawrents also had to quickly kitten-proof the house for me because I looooved chewing on everything!

Fostering Home for Other Kitties

Currently, I get to check on other foster babies welcomed into our home every now and then. Some of them I enjoy playing with, but we have a quarantine period first to make sure we all stay safe and healthy! 

Recently, my meowm took in a foster puppy, and I swear by the Goddess of Felines, Bastet, and the Great Sekhmet, I DIDN'T LIKE HIM. He first piqued my curiosity, but once he began barking loudly and urinating all over the place, I felt like hissing at him for taking meowm’s attention.

The Wish I Have for Other Cats

I wish every cat can find a nice and loving family that lets them express their unique personalities to the world. No matter where you come from, every kitty is special! 

To all of you foster parents out there, please know that we appreciate your love and care during these crucial and formative years!!

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