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Help Valentine, who is an ill cat, pay for her treatment

9-year-old Valentine and her Meowmy live in Ontario, Canada. Valentine was diagnosed with Lymphoma in April 2021. Unfortunately for her, fate decided Valentine wasn't quite finished yet, even after defeating Lymphoma. Valentine developed kidney disease soon after she recovered. Doctors believe that her painkillers may have contributed to her kidney disease.

Valentine's furrever home

Valentine was rescued from the streets by her Meowmy's friend's uncle in 2015. After six wonderful years in her furrever home, something was amiss. Valentine's meowmy noticed that she was becoming increasingly lethargic and preferred to sit in the same spot in the house for long hours. Valentine would stare at her Meowmy for hours on end. Her pawrent soon realized that Valentine had eye myosis. Upon taking her to the vet, Meowmy had the shock of her life: Valentine went blind from the aggressive cancer that had invaded her body. The cat’s battle with cancer was a tedious and painful one. Valentine's Meowmy admits that she feared for the life of her ill kitten. Nonetheless, the cat defeated cancer despite all odds.

Valentine's battle with her health

The pain medications that Valentine was put on while battling cancer caused her to develop kidney complications. Valentine developed kidney disease soon after defeating cancer. Unfortunately for the cat parent, the treatment costs of Valentine’s disease left her in the red. On top of Valentine’s bills, the cat parent also needs to pay for her own medical treatment. Valentine has been living with disabilities for a while as she has survived two motorcycle accidents.

In 2023, Valentine developed problems with her teeth that caused her a lot of pain. As a result, she had four teeth surgically removed at the vet. Valentine's Meowmy decided to seek help from an Ontario-based organization called The Farley Foundation to help pay off the bills associated with Valentine's treatment. The Farley Foundation helps low-income individuals like Valentine's Meowmy pay medical bills. However, Valentine and her Meowmy are still awaiting a response from the foundation. The cat parent is heartbroken that she cannot afford better care for Valentine. To learn how to help Valentine, please get in touch with her Meowmy via Instagram 1valentine2.

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