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Helping Cats, One by One: The Story of Arastha’s Rescue

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Arastha’s rescue is an inspiring story of one woman’s dedication to helping cats in need. Harnita, an independent rescuer who runs Arastha’s rescue from Medan, Indonesia, has done something incredible - she’s managed to rescue more than 50 cats off the street and care for them with her own resources.

But now, Arastha’s Rescue needs help. Harnita has spent a lot of money on vet bills for injured or sick cats who cannot get the medical care they need. She’s also opened her heart and home to homeless cats who need a place to stay.

The goal is to pay off the big vet bills that she has accrued over the years so that she can continue to provide medical care for street cats in need. You can help Arastha's Rescue by donating funds. Let's come together and support this important mission!

Harnita’s Story and How Arastha’s Rescue Was Founded

Harnita has dedicated her life to helping cats. What began as a small rescue effort has grown into Arastha's Rescue, an organization that helps street cats who need medical help. By rescuing cats that have been hit by cars, those who are victims of animal abuse, or sickly strays, she has given many lives a second chance.

Generously taking cats in and providing them with all the care they need until they are healthy again, she now has a total of 50 cats under her loving guardianship. This has led to the creation of Arastha's Rescue, an independent rescue organization founded by Harnita with the goal of providing medical care for endangered street cats in Medan, the capital and largest city of the Indonesian province North Sumatra.

A Closer Look at the Current Problems

With her tireless efforts and dedication, Harnita has taken it upon herself to help these cats - no matter how challenging the task may be. She knows that saving even one life is worth all the effort, but she's also acutely aware of how difficult it can be to pay for vet bills for so many cats.

Harnita adopted a cat named Oren, who currently has a vet bill of $180. Harnita is also handling the case of a scabies-afflicted cat, whose bill totals $75. Most recently, Harnita has been dealing with a cat that was hit by a car and required amputation surgery due to its leg being crushed in the accident. Furthermore, the surgery is quite pricey, so she has quite a lot of vet debt that she hasn't been able to settle yet.

Harnita has dedicated her time to caring for cats who have been in accidents. This is her special story; she rescues cats in agonizing pain after their accidents, providing them with the medical attention they need.

How You Can Help by Supporting Arastha’s Rescue

Helping street cats requires more than just providing them with food and shelter - it also means providing them with the necessary veterinary care. This can prove to be an expensive endeavor, as Harnita has experienced. While she has received some donations from generous donors, they only go so far.

Harnita's selfless mission to help cats in need is an inspiration, but it's not something she can do alone. Arastha's Rescue needs your help to keep going - those big vet bills need to be paid off! Here are the ways you can support this amazing cause:

  1. Donate: Any amount, big or small, helps make a difference. Your donation provides food, TNR practices (trap, neuter, return), shelter and essential medical supplies for the cats at Arastha’s Rescue.

  2. Spread the Word: The more people know about Arastha’s Rescue, the more help they're likely to get. So show your support and spread awareness by talking about them with friends and family or sharing their story online.

Ways to Support Arastha's Rescue Financially

One of the best ways to help Arastha’s rescue is to support them financially. With the big vet bills, even a small contribution can make a huge difference!

Donate Directly

You can directly donate money to Arastha’s rescue through the website. All contributions go towards providing food, medical aid and other necessities for the cats that are being cared for by Harnita.


Arastha’s Rescue is a breath of fresh air. Harnita's selfless actions to rescue and provide medical care to 50 cats reflects a larger, often unseen, problem - that of street cats in dire need of help.

It’s often easy to overlook the plight of these animals, as we are so often focused on our own lives, but it’s heartening to see people taking the initiative to help.

Harnita has taken it upon herself to provide much-needed assistance to these animals, and her efforts should be supported. You can follow her efforts and the way she cares for these cats at her official Instagram id Arastha’s Rescue. If you can, consider helping the cause - these cats will certainly thank you for it!

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