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Hold My Paw Rescue; Finding Homes for Turkish Cats and Dogs

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

CatSwoppr recently got the chance to talk to Rabia, who runs an animal rescue in Turkey. Hold My Paw works mostly with cats and dogs in unsafe environments and finds homes for them in the Netherlands.

Hold My Paw is located in Istanbul, but rescues animals from other big cities in Turkey as well. Rabia was motivated to start a rescue by stories she had seen about animal cruelty, both in Turkey and internationally. She told us, “we can’t sit and wait without doing anything [for these animals].”

Hold My Paw is run by Rabia and a group of volunteers, mostly made up of her friends in Amsterdam. During the past six months, seven cats have been rehomed. In the coming months, they are also looking to find homes for their dogs.

Looking to Adopt?

Currently, Hold My Paw is looking to find pawrents for two of their cats, Ceren and Tatar, and have forty other cats awaiting homes.

Tatar (update: he recently found a home!) was found when he was two weeks old. Hold My Paw did not know what had happened to his mother, so they took him and cared for him for a month until he joined a foster family.

Tatar is described as energetic and sweet. He loves to nap during the day, and observe his pawrents. He is very affectionate and loves to cuddle, “purring as loud as an engine”. He is currently one-and-a-half and gets along well with other people and both cats and dogs.

Ceren was found in the countryside in northern Turkey with a broken leg. She was then taken to a private vet clinic, but unfortunately, her leg had to be amputated. Despite her missing limb, Ceren is calm, friendly, and playful. She is three years old and lives in a foster home with other cats and dogs and gets along well with his fellow furry roommates. She is affectionate and loving, and “would be a perfect friend for someone looking for a less energetic cat”.

If you would like to volunteer for Hold My Paw, learn more about them, and get to know their adoptable animals, you can find them on Instagram here @holdmypawrescue.

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