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Japanese furballs

Updated: 2 days ago

Look at the duo the CatSwoppr team managed to discover in the country of endless discoveries!

Image via usagineko1212 on Instagram.

Guri-Chan(left) and Noru-Chan(right) are two cats based in Kyushu, Japan who are known for having a love-hate relationship. 11-month old Guri-Chan was adopted by her owner (or rather, she chose her pawrent!) from a local shelter in Saga Prefecture. Guri-Chan is a mongrel cat. A mongrel cat is a cat whose ancestry is unspecified. Mongrel cats are generally low-maintenance and known for their friendliness. Therefore, do not let Guri-Chan's grumpy looks fool you! She is a sweet girl. Her pawtner-in-crime is Noru-Chan, a 13-month-old Norwegian forest cat. Noru-Chan is as sweet as she looks. However, looks can be deceptive. These little delinquents are infamous for their activities. Their crime records include stea