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Love, Kittens, and a Mutual Bond: A Tale of Two Women from Different Worlds and Their Connection

We all have that one person in our life who has been there for us during our best and worst times. Someone who can understand us without saying a single word and be our backbone when we are feeling down. For Endang, that person is her friend Sharen.

Endang and Sharen had never met before, but they had a lot in common. Both of them had an admiration for cats and both of them had a strong sense of responsibility when it came to taking care of their furry friends.

Bird of the feather flock together though, and even if Endang resides in Medan, North Sumatra, and Sharen is from London, England, the internet helped them connect. Their paths crossed on Instagram after Sharen became interested in Endang. What Sharen found endearing about Endang was that she was a sweet and adorable girl who loves cats just as much as she does.

Sharen thinks Endang is an amazing person who goes beyond her limits to help others. Not only does she take care of her own cats, but she also looks after a good many of cats from the streets. Oftentimes Endang even takes them into her own home. Unfortunately, Endang has been struggling to meet the financial needs of these cats, and she has already lost a cat due to her lack of resources.

Endang’s Courageous Love

Endang is a true animal lover who deeply cares about all cats, especially the poor and small fur babies who would not survive without proper care and attention. Currently, she is taking care of 54 cats in her house and she is facing increasing difficulty in providing them with food and medical treatment.

Endang's cats were particularly special to Sharen, who has a cat of her own as well as a fox! Sharen was instantly impressed with Endang's cleanliness and gentleness with her cats. She was also more than happy to help Endang with getting them neutered as Endang's health was poor and she had very little money to support herself and her cats' flea and worm treatments.

According to Sharen all of Endang’s cats are amazing, but one kitten named Pipkin caught Sharen’s attention. He seemed to take charge of the other kittens, protecting and defending them as if it was his own responsibility. Even his facial expression gives off that brotherly fierceness. You see, Pipkin has always had a look of rugged determination on his face.

Sharen is a rescuer herself, so she knew what Endang was going through and she wanted to help her. She had already helped with spaying one of Endang’s cats named Barbara, who had already had many kittens.

Meet Barbara!

A Heart-Warming Tale of Friendship

Despite having such a different cultural background Sharen and Endang share a mutual love for animals which was proven by the innumerable struggles they went through. This has also made them share a common bond that can not be broken.

Help Endang and Sharen to Make a Difference in the Lives of These Cats

Endang and Sharen are doing amazing work looking after cats in need. They need our help to provide for these fur babies and make their lives better. Donate now to their cause via JustGiving website and contact at Every little bit helps!

Be sure to check out their official Instagram handles @monikong and @sharenpledger for updates on how your donations are making a difference!

Together, we can help Endang and Sharen provide the best care and love for these cats. Thank you for your support!

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